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Article: Before you regret it. 3 failure stories of thin wallets


Before you regret it. 3 failure stories of thin wallets

Thin wallet failure story

Demand for compact items has increased due to the spread of ideas such as minimalism and the spread of a cashless society. Along with this, an increasing number of people want to carry wallets that are as compact as possible.

Among them, there are many people who want to reduce the contents of their bags as much as possible, so the demand for thin wallets that are not bulky is increasing.

Unfortunately, however, there are many cases where people end up regretting or making mistakes after purchasing products because they are too focused on "thin".

We have provided thousands of wallets so far, and we would like to tell you about some of the failures caused by purchasing thin wallets.

1. Even the leather (material) was so thin that it tore.

In order to make thin wallets, there are many things that are made from thinner materials.

There are a variety of products, including those made from a single piece of leather and those made from thin pieces of leather stitched together.

However, due to the pursuit of thinness, there have been cases where the durability is weak and the product breaks easily.

If the leather itself is thin, the threads that stitch the leather together tend to fray.

Furthermore, the leather itself will tear if you hang it somewhere.

If you put too many coins in your coin purse, it may not be able to withstand the weight and may break.

defeated thin wallet

Of course, there are some materials that are thin but highly durable, so thin = no good, but if the leather itself is very thin, you must check the material carefully in advance, otherwise you will end up with a mistake like this. Please be careful.

It is dangerous to simply choose a wallet made of thin material in order to reduce the thickness of the wallet.

In particular, people who tend to put their wallets in their pants pockets or who often drop their wallets need extra durability, so they need to choose carefully.

2. Difficult to use

Even though you've always wanted a compact wallet, if you're feeling stressed out, you won't want to use it anymore.

Many thin wallets do not have a gusset to hold cards and bills.

If you are a minimalist who carries very few things with you, I think you can use a thin wallet without stress, but for people who have been using long wallets or people who carry a lot of things in their wallets. , this structural change can be a major hurdle.

Thin wallet that is difficult to use

It may be a matter of getting used to it, but a common regret with compact wallets is that you often end up having trouble finding the coins or bills you want to use when paying the bill.

If you don't feel comfortable using your wallet, you won't want to use it.

In order to avoid such regrets and mistakes, you need to carefully check how the thin wallet you are about to buy is designed with usability in mind.

Also, if you are a first-time owner of a thin wallet, you may need to reevaluate the contents of your current wallet.

3. low capacity

Bi-fold wallets are better than long wallets, wallets are thinner than bi-fold wallets, and the more compact a wallet is, the less capacity it will have.

There are many cases of regrets and failures, such as not being able to get any cash in because there is less space than expected.

Thin wallet with little capacity

This is a common mistake especially among those who go from a long wallet to a thin wallet all at once.

It can't be helped that the capacity will decrease, and the person who purchased it naturally expected it to some extent, but it is one of the most common failures, so it is one of the cases that must be considered.

It is also possible that the coin purse does not have a gusset and can only hold a few coins, or that the bill compartment is small and the bills stick out.

If you put a lot of credit cards in it, it will become thick and you won't be able to put in too many.

The thinner the device, the more this problem will occur.

Even if you want to use a high-quality wallet with a good design or made from high-quality materials, you may not know how to choose one.

Next, I will talk about what you should do to avoid such mistakes and regrets.

How to avoid mistakes and regrets with a thin wallet

1. Look for something that is highly durable.

Wallets made of thin leather are not recommended for people who often drop their wallets or get them caught on things, but there are of course thin leather wallets that are designed for durability.

For example, a thin wallet is made from a single piece of leather rather than stitched together.

moku single piece leather compact wallet ICHI

Since there are fewer stitches, there is less chance of fraying and tearing, and there is less overlap between the leather pieces, making it thinner.

In addition, if the wallet is not only sewn together, but also uses zippers, it may be possible to achieve both thinness and durability.

moku's small and thin wallet Saku

If we are only concerned with the durability of the coin purse, we think that people who don't often carry coins or who carry a coin purse separately can omit the coin purse, so there is no problem with using thin material. You can also do that.

By knowing exactly what's in your wallet, you can throw away the features you don't need and incorporate only the features you need.

I think there are almost no thin wallets that cover everything and appeal to everyone.

Depending on your style, if you check in advance where you need durability in your wallet, and whether durability is needed in the first place, you will reduce regrets and mistakes after purchasing.

2. Know what is “easy to use” for you

Wallets have various functions, but there is probably no wallet that has all the functions.

There are those who value ease of access over capacity, and there are those who don't carry cash and want to have a wallet for that purpose.

People who carry a lot of cash may feel stressed if they choose a wallet with a small capacity.

People who carry around four credit cards and use them differently will feel stressed if they end up using three card pockets in their wallet.

In other words, you have to find a wallet that suits you.

First, check the contents of your current wallet and understand how you are using it.

You tend to keep your receipts in your wallet and it quickly becomes full of receipts, you tend to have a lot of coins, you tend to drop or bump your wallet, and it gets damaged easily.

By understanding the contents of your wallet, how to handle it, and the challenges you face, you will be able to understand what kind of wallet you should own.

A lot of receipts have accumulated

For those who accumulate receipts, choosing one with sub-pockets will make it easier to organize the contents.

A thin wallet full of receipts

I end up having a lot of coins anyway.

For people who tend to carry a lot of coins, it would be a good idea to choose one with a large coin purse or one with a box shape that makes it easy to see the contents.

It can easily damage your wallet

If you tend to damage your wallet, it will last longer if you have a wallet that has a coating that prevents it from getting scratches and dirt.

Thin wallet full of scratches

In this way, I think you can have the best wallet for yourself by changing the wallet you should have according to your characteristics.

Many people think that they can just choose a high-quality wallet made in Japan or an expensive brand item, but if the wallet doesn't suit them, there is a high possibility that they will regret it in the end.

Of course, it is important to choose a wallet that has a good design and is smart, but first of all, you need to choose one that allows you to easily take in and take out the contents of your wallet.

3. Focus on structures that can achieve both “thinness” and “capacity”

There are people who want to use a thin wallet with a good design and a certain amount of storage space.

With the wisdom of a craftsman who makes wallets, can you be so selfish? There are actually wallets for people like you.

Card holders have a honeycomb structure or a bellows style, so they won't be bulky even when you put a lot of cards in them.

By storing the gusset of the coin purse inside the wallet, it has a structure that makes it easy to take out and put in coins.

The thickness of the wallet itself has been reduced by creating a structure that prevents cards and coins from overlapping.

moku's small and thin wallet Saku

In this way, there are wallets that have a slightly special structure that are both thin and large, so please pay attention to the structure of the wallet.

However, this does not mean that it is good if it is novel or unique. A truly practical structure may have a surprisingly plain appearance and attention to detail.


I think the most important thing when choosing a wallet is to determine whether it suits you (the user).

Whether you choose a compact wallet, a thin wallet, or a long wallet, if it doesn't have the features you need, you'll feel stressed.

In particular, thin wallets have less capacity and can be difficult to use.

However, thankfully, as the demand for compact wallets and thin wallets has increased, there are now many wallets that incorporate wisdom.

Since thin wallets are a new genre, it is easy to make mistakes and regret them, but if you can find the one that suits you properly, you can fully enjoy the benefits of thin wallets and enjoy a simple life. think.

moku's Single piece leather compact wallet ICHI

Thank you for reading to the end.

If you are thinking of purchasing a thin wallet, please refer to the information on this blog and find the wallet that suits you.

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