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Product features

The concept is 3 points

1.Small and thin (Long side 163mm x Short side 90mm x Thinness 18mm)
2.Ample storage capacity (13 cards, 25 coins, 30 banknotes)
3. Cards, coins, and bills are all easy to take in and out.

This Uno aims to be the perfect wallet.

1.Small and thin

It is only 3mm larger than the size of a 10,000 yen bill.

The actual size of Uno is 163 mm on the long side x 90 mm on the short side, and the thickness is 18 mm (when storing 7 cards, 25 coins, and 25 banknotes).
The long side of the 10,000 yen bill is 160 mm, so Uno is only 3 mm larger than the 10,000 yen bill. Regarding the long side, we are confident that it is more compact than any long wallet.

Herein lies the design ingenuity of Uno, for which we have acquired a design patent.
In order to make the long side of this minimum class, it is not possible to sew the part that forms the banknote compartment. If you sew it, you will naturally need some "room" to sew it, which will make it larger. When we tried it, we found that no matter how hard we tried, the long side of the 10,000 yen bill would be +5mm if the structure was sewn. In other words, I believe that the limit for the long side of a long wallet that is sewn to form the banknote compartment is approximately 165 mm.

Uno does not sew on the long sides. Instead of sewing, it is folded in and fastened with hooks, creating a smart design without sewing.

This ingenuity makes it possible to reduce the size by 2 mm from the long side of 165 mm, which is thought to be the structural limit, and also makes the product look sharper than the numerical value.

Almost the same size as the iPhone Max series

Another way to get a feel for how compact it is is to compare it with the Max series, which is considered to be the larger iPhone series.
As you can see, they are the same size.
If your wallet and smartphone become the same size, you may no longer need a bag, or even a small bag will be enough.

2.Ample storage capacity

If you focus only on thinness and compactness, you might be able to make it even more compact.
However, you will be sacrificing storage capacity.

Despite being so small and thin, Uno has enough capacity as a long wallet.

Card storage capacity

As you can see, there are 7 card storage pockets, 6 + 1.
The card pocket on the coin purse side is completely independent, so if you insert your IC card, you can touch the IC card at ticket gates or vending machines without taking out your card.

If you store multiple IC cards stacked on top of each other, you don't have to worry about IC touch not working properly due to interference with other cards.

Furthermore, depending on the thickness, you can store two cards per card pocket. If you want to store a lot of thin cards such as point cards, you can store up to 13 cards by stacking them two on top of each other. *Depending on the thickness of the cards, it may be difficult to stack two cards.

Storage capacity for coins

At actual size, it can hold 25 coins, including two 500 yen coins. If you don't have large 500 yen coins, you can store even more. Isn't this enough for those who tend to have a lot of coins?

Bill storage capacity

At actual size, it can hold 30 pieces, including 10 10,000 yen bills.
Please note that no partitions are provided as this would complicate the structure and increase the thickness.

3. Cards, coins, and bills are all easy to take in and out.

Easy to put in and take out cards

All 7 card pockets are independent. It's easier to put in and take out than you might imagine, and once you use it, you'll be addicted to it.

In today's cashless card society, don't we use cards more often than we use coins and bills? You will be freed from the stress of searching for and taking out one card from a stack of cards.

Easy to put in and take out coins

The coin purse is intentionally made shallow. This is because if the pocket is deep, it will be difficult to reach. It is designed to have an exquisite depth that allows for the largest 500 yen coin to fit comfortably, while also making it easy to take out.

In addition, the coin purse faces the outside of the wallet rather than the inside, so you can directly put in and take out coins without opening the wallet, and the structure that opens wide to make it easy to insert your fingers is also a design ingenuity. Masu.

Easy to put in and take out bills

I think the key to a billfold is to have both a stable and moderate holding force, and ease of putting things in and taking them out. If either of them is too strong, the bills may fall off or become difficult to put in and take out. With Uno, by appropriately adjusting the length of the folding parts on the long sides, we have achieved both an exquisite grip and ease of insertion and removal.


1.Multi-storage pockets

The small space on the coin purse side is a multi-storage pocket.
It can store house keys, Airtags, small amulets, household medicines, etc.

There was some concern that putting things in it would damage the leather, but after using the prototype for about two months with things (Airtag) in it, there were no major problems such as tears, although there were some marks. .
*However, if you store sharp objects such as keys, please be careful when handling them as they may get scratched or torn depending on how you use them.

2. Two facial expressions: “rugged front” and “simple back”

Due to its structure, the sewing surface on the surface (coin purse side) is exposed, giving it a somewhat rugged look. You can enjoy stitching, which is the best part of leather accessories.

On the other hand, there is no sewing on the back side (card holder side), so it has a simple look. On this side, I would like you to purely enjoy the leather material. I think it's easier to feel the big changes over time in Pueblo.

3. Single piece leather structure

If you break Uno apart, it will become one large piece of leather. In other words, it has a single piece of leather structure.
The advantage of a single piece of leather construction is that there are fewer stitches, resulting in a smarter design and increased strength and stability.

4. Highly textured and earth-friendly “materials”

① Materials with a high quality texture that makes you want to touch them ② Materials that contribute to a sustainable society where choosing is good for the earth

We carefully select such materials.

Material: Pueblo

It is made using the vachetta method using raw hides from cows that are over 2 years old. This is a very unique leather whose surface has been intentionally rough and fluffed as a finishing process.

At first, it feels like washi paper, and because of its matte texture, it has almost no shine, but the more you use it, the more the surface fibers soften and the luster increases at an accelerated rate, and the color deepens in a short period of time.

The gloss increases very quickly, so the changes are very dramatic, and the moist texture that sticks to it when used is also a big attraction. This leather is recommended for those who like aging.

5.The metal fittings are YKK's highest quality zipper "Excella"

For small items that use zippers, slippage and durability of the zipper are extremely important.
We use EXCELLA, which is said to be YKK's top class. At first, it will feel hard to open and close, but it will gradually become smoother.

The story leading up to the birth of the product

Since our launch, we have developed two types of bifold wallets (Saku and ICHI).
In particular, Saku, the second generation of bi-fold wallets, was created together with the supporters of the first generation ICHI, taking into account improvements made to ICHI, and is the best product in the bi-fold wallet genre. I am proud that it is a degree.

On the other hand, based on feedback from Saku users and having used Saku ourselves, we have developed a design that pursues "ease of use" that cannot be achieved due to the structure of a bifold wallet. The idea gradually became clearer.

In order to achieve this design, it needed to be a long wallet rather than a bifold wallet due to its structure.
This is the reason why I decided to try making a long wallet.

Hand-drawn image from the initial planning stage

The following is a design that pursues ``ease of use'' that we put together based on feedback from the ``Small and Thin Wallet Saku'', a bi-fold wallet that we actually received.

Elements you want to keep
・Small and thin ・Practical storage capacity ・Easy to put in and take out the coin purse ・You can put in and take out coins directly (no need to open your wallet)

New elements I want to pursue
・Easy to put in and take out not only coin purses but also cards and bills ・Simple structure made of a single piece of leather

This Uno is an ideal product that firmly incorporates all the above elements.
The idea for the long wallet has been around since the end of 2021, so it took about a year to complete.

Product information/specifications

Product name: Small and thin long wallet Uno
Size: Long side 163mm x Short side 90mm x Thinness 18mm
*Size: 7 cards, 25 coins, 25 banknotes Weight when stored: Approx. 65g
material: Italian cowhide Pueblo
*In the unlikely event that there is a significant problem with the supply of materials, we may change to materials of equivalent quality.
Country of manufacture: Japan Maximum capacity: 13 cards, 25 coins, 30 banknotes *If you store 2 cards per 6 card pockets, you can store 13 cards.
*There are some individual differences in size and weight. This is data when not stored.
*Capacity may vary depending on the type of card or coin.
*Depending on the photo, PRYM ITALY spring hooks are used, but the specifications have been changed and we are now using higher quality domestically produced spring hooks (plain color, not engraved).

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