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Small and thin wallet SAKU ver.3 Cordovan

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Color:black [Pre-order item/expected to be released in early May]

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Orders are increasing daily, and it may take another 1-2 months for delivery , so if you are considering purchasing, please make your reservation as soon as possible.

*The delivery date for pre-ordered items may vary depending on the material procurement situation, etc.
*If you order a regular item together with a pre-order item, we will generally ship the item together with the pre-order item. If you would like the regular item to be shipped first, please indicate this in the comments section.

Product Features

Small and thin wallet What is SAKU?

The best of thin, small and large capacity wallets

Small and thin are becoming the norm for compact wallets. However, it is difficult to achieve both ease of use, sufficient capacity, and design. In particular, ease of use and capacity are in a trade-off relationship with compactness, and prioritizing one usually means sacrificing the other.

Such Defying contradictions, having both This is " "SAKU" is a bi-fold wallet that has become synonymous with us at moku.

By using SAKU, you can enjoy the "ease of carrying" that compact wallet users cannot compromise on, as well as the "ease of use," "storage capacity," and "fashion" that are as desirable as possible. You can get almost everything you want in a wallet. .

Are there any of you who can't find the best one and have to replace your wallet frequently?
This will put an end to your search for your wallet!

SAKU's track record and the development history of ver.3

Previous Work SAKU ver.2 has received an astonishing total rating of 4.9 out of 5 from over 200 reviews on its official website.
*As of the end of October 2023

vice versa What is the "0.1" that didn't make it a perfect 5? ,Do not you care about this? The negative feedback (issues) regarding SAKU ver.2 can be summarized as follows:

・It would be better if the bill holder was a little larger. ・I'm afraid that cards will fly out from the sides. ・If the number of cards stored is small, the cards are not held in place and are easy to fall out (issues that come with storing a lot of cards)

To improve these issues, This is the final product. .

Improvement 1

Make the bill holder bigger

If the bill holder is too large, it will be difficult to insert and remove bills. SAKU ver.2 was a little small. However, the issue was that the small size of 1,000 yen bills meant that they would not hold unless inserted firmly. We received many requests for improvement, so we improved it to an exquisite size that maintained a balance between "ease of insertion and removal" and "holding power."

Improvement 2

The card removal slot is designed to fit your dominant hand, and the sides are enlarged for a better grip.

The card slots have also been adjusted to provide a good balance between ease of insertion and removal and a secure hold.

Until now, the design was such that if you were right-handed, the card would be ejected from the left side, but with this model the card is ejected from the right side, making it easier for right-handed people to insert and remove cards.

One might think that since cards are inserted and removed from the right side, there would be concerns that they would interfere with the coin purse, but as you can see in the video above, you can simply pull the cards up and then spread them out, so there is no need to worry about that.

In addition, in ver.2, the side of the card storage area was short because we prioritized ease of removal, and depending on how you used it, cards were likely to fall out. In this version, the side is longer, so the cards are held firmly in place, Successfully reduced the risk of falling Did.

Improvement 3

Options available for those with fewer cards

SAKU can store eight cards, but if you store fewer cards, the cards will not be held in place and will tend to move around. When closed, cards will not fall out of the wallet, but when opened, they may fall out, which is an issue.

Therefore, for those who don't have many cards, we have prepared an option that can store keys. This card-shaped key case can be used when you have four or fewer cards and can store up to two keys.

*This function is optional (sold separately).
*The number of cards that can be stored varies depending on the thickness of the keys being stored.
*If you order this together with a wallet, you can get a discounted price. If you order this together with a wallet, the color will be the same as the wallet itself.
*If purchased at the same time as a wallet, it will be included with the wallet according to the wallet's delivery date.
*This option is Can also be used with SAKU ver.1/ver.2.

Customers who are using SAKU ver.1/ver.2 can also order this option alone.

*If you are ordering a wallet and an optional color at the same time, please purchase the option separately (however, the set discount will not apply).

Crowdfunding (pre-sale) results

This product was crowdfunded (Makuake) for about 60 days from December 1, 2023 to January 30, 2024. We received supportive purchases (orders) totaling over 27.42 million yen from an incredible 1,439 supporters.

We received many warm and supportive comments.

After the crowdfunding campaign ended, we have resumed accepting reservations on this website.

Get a free original leather handle now [Review Bonus]

In pursuit of compactness, the built-in pull handle is also compact. We have received feedback from some customers that the pull handle is difficult to grip if you are not used to it, so we have prepared a leather pull handle that you can attach yourself. We will give it to those who write a review as a free gift, so please select "Review Bonus" in the selection column when adding the product to your cart.

- Please be aware that if you request a review reward after your wallet has been ordered or shipped, we will not be able to deliver it to you.
- You cannot choose the material and color; they will be the same as the interior of the wallet.

Five features of SAKU ver.3

Functionality 1
Small and thin

The size is 93mm wide x 93mm high.
Even if you put 8 cards, 10 bills, and 15 coins inside, it's only 15mm thick.
Even when filled to its maximum capacity, it is less than 20mm thick, which is about the same thickness as a typical smartphone, so it can easily be stored in a pocket or small bag.
*The thickness may vary slightly depending on the thickness of the cards and types of coins stored.

Functionality 2
Large capacity

Maximum capacity is 8 cards, 20 coins, and 25 bills .
You can use it as your main wallet when traveling.

In pursuit of compactness, the capacity is estimated to be about 5-6 cards and 15 coins. I think you can see that SAKU has a large capacity.

At first glance, this difference may seem small, but once you get used to using a mini or compact wallet, you'll realize how convenient it is to be able to fit two or three more cards and coins in it .

*According to our own research

Functionality 3
Easy to take coins in and out

When you press both sides of the coin purse with your hands, the opening will pop open.

Many compact wallets sacrifice storage capacity, and because they are compact, the opening and closing area of ​​the storage compartment tends to be small. For this reason, many people use them while putting up with the inconvenience of taking things in and out.

You don't have to hold back anymore .

SAKU has a coin purse designed at the top of the wallet, and the opening can be opened by pinching both ends (design right* (patent) acquired). You can easily take coins in and out without being hindered by anything.
* Design Registration No. 1731798

There is one thing I am sure of.
This means that a coin purse with a "shallow structure" is definitely easier to take coins out of .

What is common is a deep coin purse that is about the size of a card, and while this design may be able to hold a lot of coins, they tend to accumulate at the bottom, meaning you have to insert your fingers deep inside, making it difficult to remove coins.

As with all moku wallets, the coin purse is It is purposely designed to be shallow enough to just fit a 500 yen coin inside. .

Now that manufacturers have realized that this structure is the right one, they are gradually making it shallower. This is an important point to check when choosing a wallet.

Functionality 4
Direct access to coins

Imagine a scenario where you need to use a coin.
-When paying at the cash register, don't you first check how many coins you need to take out to avoid ending up with extra change?
- Wouldn't it be easier if you could only put coins in and take them out of vending machines?

SAKU is, A structure that allows you to take out coins directly without having to take out and open your wallet This means you can remain calm even when it's time to pay the bill, which can sometimes be a stressful situation.

Functionality 5
Left-handed compatible

The design is reversed from the regular version (right-handed), and is designed to be used with the left hand to pick up bills and cards.
Did you know that most wallets in the world are made for right-handed people, which is the majority? I will never forget the excited voice of a left-handed person who used a left-handed version for the first time .

It is designed so that bills and cards will be inserted and removed with the left hand, and can be inserted and removed on the left side.

High-quality and earth-friendly "materials"

Material 1: Cordovan

It is used for exterior.

This luxurious wallet features cordovan (horse leather), also known as the diamond of leather, on the entire exterior. This is a special offer to celebrate the SAKU version upgrade.

Cordovan is known for being used in school bags that elementary school students use for six years. In other words, it is evidence that cordovan is widely known to be able to withstand the harsh conditions of children using it almost every day for six years.

In fact, our staff has been using cordovan products for nearly 10 years. (Please note that durability varies depending on usage and product.)

As cordovan ages, the color gradually settles and the leather appears to gain depth.

The above photo shows a sample of the burgundy color. The left side is unused, and the right side has been used for about 6 months.
It's just a little, but it adds depth to the color.

Material 2: Buttero

Interior It is used in:

Made by Conceria Walpier using tannin-tanned leather from the shoulder of a steer. The leather is made from the hard shoulder of a cow, giving it a firm and resilient texture. Although there are individual differences, the stripes that tend to appear on the shoulder may appear slightly.

It is dyed using superior dyeing techniques, so it has a beautiful, transparent color while still having a firm, heavy feel. Although it is not as dramatic as Pueblo, it is a leather that you can enjoy aging over time.

Choosing materials that benefit the earth and contribute to a sustainable society

Most genuine leather (leather made from animal skin) is made from animal skin that would otherwise be discarded due to livestock farming, and is said to be more environmentally friendly than if it were simply discarded.

In reality, when trying to improve the texture and durability of leather materials, chemicals and additives are often used. The manufacturing and processing of leather using chemicals can produce by-products that are harmful to the environment.

On the other hand, there is also leather that is processed using ingredients derived from plants. For example, leather that is processed using only tannins, a type of polyphenol, is called full vegetable tanning, and moku mainly deals with such leather.

Actual usage scenario

"Put it in your pocket and go out empty-handed."

"Put it in a small bag and go out light."

"Even when you're in a rush to pay the bill, it's quick and easy."

"You can also use your IC card, so it's easy to pass through the ticket gates."

Warranty and repair system

All moku products are fully handmade. We produce them in our own workshop or in affiliated workshops in Japan, so please leave the warranty and repairs to us.

Initial defect warranty and long-term repair service

There is a warranty for initial defects.

To ensure that you can continue to use our products for a long time, we will provide repair services for as long as our company remains in business .
Please click here for more details.

Introducing models made from different materials

We also produce products using other materials, which can be ordered from the separate page below.

Prices vary depending on the material.

Buttero leather specifications are here  

Pueblo leather specifications are here

Product Specifications

Product name: Small and thin wallet SAKU(ver.3)
Size: Width 93 x Height 93 x Thickness 15 (mm)
Holds 8 cards, 15 coins, 10 bills. Weight when stored: 51g
Leather material: Exterior

Cordovan , Buttero interior
*In the unlikely event that a significant disruption occurs in the supply of materials, we may change to materials of equivalent quality.
Country of origin: Japan Maximum capacity: 8 cards, 20 coins, 25 bills *Size and weight may vary slightly. Data when not in use.
*Capacity may vary slightly depending on the type of card or coin.

Small and thin wallet SAKU ver.3 Cordovan
Small and thin wallet SAKU ver.3 Cordovan Sale price¥37,620 Regular price¥39,600

Customer Reviews

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SAKU ver.3 Butteroを使っていました。薄く使いやすいのですが傷が付きやすくメンテナンスが必要でした。Cordovanは価格が高いですが丈夫で使いやすさは同じです。現金をあまり使わなくなったので、車のカードキーとクレジットカードを4枚ほど入れて使っています。



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