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Article: Coupons that can be used for moku wallets etc.


Coupons that can be used for moku wallets etc.

moku coupon information

For a limited time , moku will offer coupons that can be used on all products, including wallets such as Saku and Uno.
Please note that if there is no indication that the coupon is being distributed on the official website, the coupon is not being distributed.

Coupons are exclusive to LINE official account registrants, so check out moku's Please register for an official LINE account.
already If you have registered as a friend of the LINE official account, have you received it? Please receive it again from your LINE official account.

moku coupon conditions

  • Get 5% off your entire order

  • Available for orders over ¥10,000

  • Applies to all customers

  • Limited to one time per customer.

  • Cannot be combined with other coupons etc.

    (As of September 11, 2023)

How to get moku coupons

You can earn it by registering for an official LINE account , answering the survey, and clicking "Event Information" in the menu.
You can register here .

How to use moku coupons

Please enter and apply the coupon code on the payment information entry page (the next page after the cart page). The important thing here is to be sure to press the "Apply" button. If you do not press the button, it will not be applied and you will proceed to payment with the list price.
*Please note that cancellations due to failure to enter or apply the coupon code or application after placing the order are not possible.

The display of the apply button differs between computers and smartphones. Please note that if you are using a smartphone, the "→" mark is the apply button, which is a little difficult to understand.

computer screen

smartphone screen

moku sale/outlet information

We talked about coupons, but by registering for moku's LINE official account, you can receive not only coupons but also limited-time sales and outlet information. Sales and outlet sales are extremely rare, but they are held irregularly, so we hope you look forward to them.

LINE official account

Click here to continue the ordering process (you will be redirected to the cart page)

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