Initial defect warranty

All moku products are guaranteed for the following 7 days after shipping.

  • Differences from your order (different products). However, this only applies to unused products.
  • Functional defects when unused (zippers won't open or close, loose threads, etc.) Regarding the condition of the leather, we will only cover items that are not listed in the "Notes (Disclaimer)" below.
  • In the case of initial defects, we will cover the shipping costs. First, please contact us with the product's condition.

About repairs

All moku products will be repaired for as long as possible (without a time limit) so that you can use them with peace of mind for a long time. In general, repairs will be charged.

  • If a product malfunctions, we will check the condition of the malfunction and, if repair is possible, provide you with an estimate of the repair costs.
  • If repair is not possible, we may offer a new replacement at a special price.
  • In the unlikely event of a problem occurring during repair, we may send you a new item instead of the repaired item.
  • When sending the item for repair to us, please pay the shipping fee. We strongly recommend that you protect the item for repair with cushioning material to prevent scratches.
  • Please note that we cannot be held responsible for any problems that occur during delivery (such as the item being returned damaged, etc.).

        Returns due to customer reasons

        Unfortunately, we do not accept returns or exchanges due to customer convenience. Thank you for your understanding.

        Notes (Disclaimer)

        About leather and parts

        • Due to the dye finish that brings out the texture of the raw leather, there may be scratches, uneven coloring, stains, and wrinkles on the surface.
        • Because the surface is delicate, there may be slight scratches or indentations from the manufacturing process.
        • The surface is soft and easily scratched, but minor scratches will heal naturally if you rub them with your fingers. Deeper scratches will also fade with age and become part of the natural leather texture.
        • The use of oil, water repellents, and cleaners can damage the leather, so please make sure you understand the characteristics of each type of leather before using them.
        • If it gets wet, it will stain if left unattended. Gently press with a dry, soft cloth to remove moisture.
        • The size may change slightly with use.
        • Color may run. Be careful when wearing with light-colored clothing.
        • The color and texture may vary depending on the lot. Pueblo in particular has strong lot-to-lot unevenness, so the color may be significantly different from the photo on the website.
        • Depending on your monitor settings, the color of the actual product may appear slightly different.
        • If we are unable to use the original materials, we may change the materials, parts, or specifications.
        • Depending on the individual item, it may have the tanner's (leather manufacturer) logo and deci (number) printed on it.
        • Metal fittings are prone to color changes, and brass fittings in particular have a tendency to darken easily. If you are concerned about this, you can remove it with a special cream or with salt, vinegar, baking soda, etc. that you have at home. In either case, please be careful not to damage the leather itself.
          Examples of scratches, uneven coloring, stains, and prints (These are the characteristics of leather and are not initial defects.)