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Birth of moku

I want a compact wallet

Speaking of wallets, I have always used a long wallet and a coin purse separately, without any doubt. I didn't use a bi-fold wallet for a long time because I didn't like the way my pockets got cluttered, and I was a ``two-fold'' type of person who carried a long wallet and a coin purse.

But one day, on my way home from the supermarket, I noticed something. Before I knew it, I started living without a long wallet and just a coin purse .

Not only when going to the supermarket, but also when going to the office or going to a coffee shop on my days off, I started going out with just my coin purse.

However, when it comes to long trips and trips, this doesn't happen, and I end up returning to a long wallet and coin purse. I went out of my way to stuff the cards that I had stored in my coin purse back into my long wallet .

While living such a life, I wanted to free myself from that hassle, so I searched for a pocket-sized, thin wallet with a good design, decent storage space, high quality, and an affordable price.

Did I have too much hope for a new wallet?
At no point could I find a thin wallet that met my requirements .

I thoroughly researched the compact wallets that were being sold at the time and wrote down what was lacking.
As a result, I have come up with the features that I want in a compact wallet.

Necessary elements that compact wallets on the market at the time were able to achieve: Thinness, compact size, and functionality.

Elements that I felt were lacking: storage capacity, solid feel/durability, design that makes you think it's cute (in the sense of "stylish")

I was shocked when I actually got my hands on some of the products whose selling point is their compactness. It was probably all the more shocking because it looked good on the internet.

"I can barely hold any coins or cards."
“It’s too thin and flimsy.”
"A minimal design that is not flattering or cute"

Now that it's been made this concrete, I definitely want it.
That feeling leads to the action of creating one yourself.

A great designer was next to me

I can't design or produce anything . However, I was confident that I knew more clearly than anyone else what I wanted.

One day, my wife asked me all about the conditions and image of the wallet I wanted, and she asked me, ``Is this what it's like?'' I received what looked like a paper wallet.

I was shocked. I completely forgot.
My wife is a designer and a creator .

From that day on, my wife and I had a thorough conversation about the wallet I wanted, and we repeatedly made prototypes.

For me, who said, ``I like how it's made like this,''

There were times when the designer (my wife) would dismiss me and say, ``It has to be this way because it will weaken the strength.''

There were times when I would push through and say, ``I absolutely love this material.''

We were able to think through the design through repeated discussions from several perspectives: the user's perspective (myself), the creator's perspective (my wife), and the male and female perspectives (my husband and wife).

What the two of them completed was a compact wallet that was the next step forward for the ICHI product.

By making what you want and using it, you will become convinced.

After making the compact wallet I had been longing for (I asked my wife to make it for me) and using it myself, I became convinced that this was a wallet that many people would definitely enjoy.

I told my wife that I wanted to launch a brand and have this wallet used by many people, and received her approval for her cooperation.

The brand name was decided to be ``moku'', which is a combination of letters taken from each of our names (Mo mo /Ta ku ma).

We want to deliver quality and sustainable living

The brand concept of moku, which was born in this way, is "quality and sustainable living."

Leather accessories that are often carried around or used in public. The "things" we usually carry around with us must also change to match our lifestyles, which change with the times. High-quality materials that make everyday life exciting and designs that create functionality that matches modern times are essential.

On the other hand, each person has a responsibility to be aware of as long as they live on earth, and creators and users have their own ``responsibility to create'' and ``responsibility to use.'' We can fulfill this responsibility by using sustainable materials and designs that can be used for a long time.

Together with our supporters who sympathize with us, we will deliver a high-quality and sustainable lifestyle through the production of leather accessories using high-quality, earth-friendly materials and designs that can be enjoyed for a long time.