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moku | 薄い財布などの革小物ブランド

小さく薄い財布Saku ver.3 ブッテーロ

5/15 11:30 新色3カラー登場

小さく薄い財布Saku ver.3


moku brand concept

Living a quality and sustainable life

High-quality and earth-friendly "materials"
A design that you can enjoy for a long time

Enjoy the changes over time

Image of Pueblo cognac after 6 months of use *The way it changes will vary depending on how it is used and the color.



Use the left and right arrow keys to navigate between before and after photos.

#1 High-quality, earth-friendly materials

Choosing materials with a high-quality texture that makes you want to touch them is good for the planet and contributes to a sustainable society.

We carefully select such ingredients.

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#2 Exciting, long-lasting design

A sophisticated design that makes you happy when you own it. The more you use it, the more you'll love it. A simple design that you'll want to keep forever.

This type of design is the correct answer for moku.

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#3 Affordable prices possible because we sell directly from the workshop

Really good stuff at an affordable price.
There is a secret to achieving both the contradictory qualities of "quality" and "price."

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前回のBadalassi Carlo・Conceria Walpierとの対談に続き、今回はnoblessacalfレザーやGermanshrink(シュランケンカーフ)を作るドイツの有名老舗タンナー「Perlinger(ぺリンガー)」の方とお会いする大変貴重な機会をいただくことができました!! 今回お会いしたのは、代表であるUlrichさんとNikolasさんのお二人。 まずはお二人にmo...

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いつもmokuをご利用いただきありがとうございます。 埼玉県初進出の場として、体験型ストアb8ta Koshigaya Laketown(越谷レイクタウン)に出品を開始いたしました。 埼玉県でmokuの商品を体験いただける初めての機会になります。詳細はショップ情報をご確認ください。 ご来店、心よりお待ちしております。

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Media introduction results for moku products

"Small and thin wallet Saku" ・Motors article here (ver.2 and 3) ・Click here for onesuite article (ver.3) ・Crowdfunding directory article here (ver.3) ・lifehacker article here (ver.1) ・gizmo...

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