Compact wallet ICHI has had two review articles published in the media -lifehacker-.

ICHI, a practical compact wallet made from a single piece of leather, has been featured in review articles twice in Lifehacker [Japanese edition].

Source: lifehacker

The two types reviewed were Pueblo's navy, which is a popular color among ICHI, and Lugato's wine.

You can view the review article below.

1st time: Great design! I tried out the thin and practical compact wallet "ICHI"!

2nd time: Total support exceeded 3.6 million yen! 5 things I learned from using the thin wallet “ICHI”

Source: lifehacker

In the two reviews, the following points were generally highly evaluated.

1. Designed with consideration to ease of coin withdrawal

2. Thin but has enough storage capacity

3.Durability due to single piece of leather

As for the design and design of 1, the creators were very particular about it, so I'm really happy that it was reviewed like this.