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Article: Announcement of Saku version upgrade/speech event


Announcement of Saku version upgrade/speech event

The ``Small and Thin Wallet Saku'', which was supported by 1,307 supporters through crowdfunding and remained on pre-order even after it went on sale to the public, has been given a long-awaited upgrade.

There are three main improvements:
・Added a new bill holder ・Eliminated the caulking (metal fittings) in the coin storage section ・Changed the variation with scratch-resistant leather material

Reservations will start from 21:00 on Friday, February 11th, and shipping is scheduled to begin in late April.

Click here for details on Saku ver.2

In addition, at the following event, representative Takuma Hamada will be on stage for 60 minutes to talk about the "Small and Thin Wallet Saku ver.2".

<I will be speaking at a festival in Mitaka City, Tokyo>

We have been approached by the people of Mitaka City, Tokyo, and will be speaking at the festival event.

We will openly talk about the details of the reborn "Small and Thin Wallet Saku" and the details of moku's founding story, which have not been disclosed so far.

It is posted below. sohofesta/

This is an online event that anyone can watch. We are currently accepting viewer participation, so we would appreciate it if you could register your attendance in advance.

Presentation title

The production story of a small and thin wallet made by a couple

Day of presentation

2022.2.10 (Thu) 11:00-12:00

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