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Single piece leather compact wallet ICHI

Single piece leather compact wallet “ICHI -ichi-

Currently, we have updated the version and are selling it here as ver.2.

This is moku's first product, and the work that led to the creation of the leather brand moku.

In the crowdfunding (conducted on campfire) that was conducted for about two months from May 2020 to July 2020, a total of over 7.8 million yen was raised from 502 people, even though it was a completely unknown brand that had just been established. We received your support (purchase).

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Features of the single-piece leather compact wallet “ICHI

ICHI is a "moderately thin" wallet with a thickness of approximately 9mm made from a durable single piece of leather approximately 2.0mm thick.

We have a strong commitment to "just the right amount of thinness." There are many thin and small wallets in the world, but I think they are too focused on thinness and compactness, and sacrifice some aspects. The main sacrifices are capacity and durability. If you're just going to a nearby convenience store or supermarket, a thin and compact wallet may be fine. Although ICHI is a thin wallet, it has enough storage capacity to take you on a long trip.

Although it is thin, it has sufficient storage capacity.

Designed to hold 20 coins/banknotes.

The card compartment can hold 5 to 7 cards. (It will vary slightly depending on the thickness of the card)

The secret to making a thin wallet with thick leather

Despite using approximately 2.0mm thick leather, the secret to achieving a finished product that is approximately 9mm thin lies in its structure.

- Structure that prevents the card case and coin case from overlapping, which can be bulky
Typical wallets and coin purses have a structure where the card compartment and coin compartment overlap, but ICHI uses a revolutionary structure that prevents them from overlapping.

・Maximum of only 3 pieces of leather overlap
Similarly, a typical wallet has a structure of 5 to 10 overlapping layers of leather, but ICHI has a structure that eliminates waste to the utmost, with only 3 overlapping layers.

High durability made possible by thick single piece of leather

Normal wallets are made by joining multiple pieces of leather together, but ICHI is made from a single long piece of leather. To make it from a single piece of leather, it is necessary to prepare enough length of leather, so the material cost tends to be higher compared to the normal manufacturing method, but we are determined to deliver the benefits to our users. We are particular about using a single piece of leather. The advantage of a single piece of leather is its durability .

With the general method of making leather by joining multiple pieces of leather together, it is supported by a single thin thread, which inevitably lacks strength in areas where force is easily applied, which can easily cause problems such as tearing. Become. In the case of a single piece of leather, it is supported by the strength of the leather itself rather than the threads, so it can have sufficient strength.

*There are individual differences in the actual thickness of the leather.
*The "single piece of leather" used by ICHI refers to the fact that there is no processing such as sewing the leather together to form the wallet compartment or lid.

The story of the creation of the work

ICHI was born as a wallet with a minimalist structure and simple design by focusing on the essence of a wallet and eliminating unnecessary elements.

When we delved into the essence of wallets, the following elements emerged.

1. Wallets should be accessible from one side.

2. If you break the bills wisely, your coins will never exceed 999 yen (15 pieces)

3. If you carefully select the cards you should keep in your wallet, you will only need 7 or fewer cards.

In a sense, we would like you to view the following as a proposal from us to modern people.

1. Wallets should be accessible from one side.

ICHI is structured so that cards, bills, and coins can all be inserted and removed from one direction.

This may seem obvious, but some thin wallets similar in concept to ICHI have a structure in which bills and coins can be taken out from different directions.

Please try to imagine.

When actually making a payment in cash, you first check to see if there is coins in the bag and then decide whether to take out bills or not. Furthermore, even if you do take out bills, you don't want to add more coins, so why not make up for the fraction with the coins you have? In other words, when making daily cash payments, you need to be able to instantly judge how to use coins and quickly withdraw and deposit coins.

In such situations, you need a structure that allows you to instantly take out cards, bills, and coins from the same direction without having to change the wallet opening.

ICHI is structured so that cards, bills, and coins can all be inserted and withdrawn from one direction, so it supports instantaneous decisions before registering.

2. If you break the bills wisely, your coins will never exceed 999 yen (15 pieces)

This is theoretical, but it means that if you are good at using coins, the total amount of coins in your wallet will never exceed 999 yen.

Of course, there are exceptions, such as ``The vending machine ran out of 500 yen coins and all the change was returned at 10 yen,'' but unless that is the case, you should be able to manage your change as per theory. This idea allows us to create a thin wallet.

ICHI is designed to hold approximately 20 coins, taking into account exceptions. The production members have been using ICHI for over half a year, and have never had a problem with coins not being inserted.

3. If you carefully select the cards you should keep in your wallet, you will only need 7 or fewer cards.

ICHI can store up to 7 standard cards.

If you feel that 7 pieces is too few, is it really that small?

I would like to share with you the card that I always carry with me.

・Driver's license ・Insurance card ・Commuter pass and credit card ・Cash card ・Point card from the nearest supermarket ・Point card from the nearest cleaning store

If you always have the above 6 sheets on hand, you will have no inconvenience at all in your daily life. Almost all chain store point cards are available as apps, so the only cards I have are point cards from local supermarkets and dry cleaners.

Of course, if you suddenly have to go to a hair salon or hospital, you can take it out of the card slot in your drawer at home and head there. It is not necessary to always have it on hand.

Please take this opportunity to organize your wallet cards. I'm sure you'll need fewer cards than you thought.

ICHI's attention to detail

1. Easy-to-read structure with no creases on banknotes

While many compact wallets and mini wallets fold bills, ICHI does not have creases. In addition, the tip of the banknote is clearly visible, making it easy to understand and take out even if there are multiple banknotes inside.

2.Easy to take out bills and put them in.

When viewed from the front, only two of the three pieces of leather on the left side are sewn, and the pocket for bills is open, so you can smoothly put in and take out bills even if there are a lot of coins and cards.

3.Uses two types of genuine leather, one from Italy and one from Belgium.


It is made using the vachetta method by the tanner Badarassi Carlo in Tuscany, Italy, using the raw hides of cows over 2 years old. This is a very unique leather whose surface has been intentionally rough and fluffed as a finishing process. At first, it feels like washi paper, and because of its matte texture, it has almost no shine, but the more you use it, the more the surface fibers soften and the luster increases at an accelerated rate, and the color deepens in a short period of time. The gloss increases very quickly, so the changes are very dramatic, and the moist texture that sticks to it when used is also a big attraction. This leather is recommended for those who like the aging of leather.


Tannery Mazur, founded in 1873, is the only tannery in Belgium. The ``lugato'' made by Mazur is made from the shoulder part of a cow. Made using high-quality Swiss hides raised around the Alps and traditional tanning, it is characterized by a natural color unevenness with transparency and depth, and the deep wrinkles unique to the shoulders appear as a beautiful pattern. . Compared to Pueblo, it is characterized by a glossy and smooth texture. It goes well with cordovan (horseskin), which is known as the finest leather due to its moderate luster and luxurious feel, and some brands even see hybrid products made by combining cordovan and lugato.

4. Time-consuming edge treatment using the highest quality edge material

The edge of the leather is a very important treatment to maintain its appearance and durability.

There are many types of koba wood used for edge treatment, and they vary in quality, but ICHI uses the highest quality koba wood, which is used by well-known top brands. Added to this is the careful handwork of craftsmen, resulting in an edge treatment that is both incredibly smooth to the touch and highly durable.

5.First-class zipper material

The zipper is made by YKK's top model "Excella". It may feel a little stiff at first, but once you get used to it, you will be able to open and close it very smoothly.

The handle has an original logo engraved on the material, which is shaped so that even men's fingers can easily pick it up.

6.Delicate tailoring by Japanese leather craftsmen

Although ICHI's structure is simple, it requires a level of delicacy, so production is limited to carefully selected domestic workshops rather than mass-produced in large factories. Due to this, we kindly ask for your understanding that quantities will be limited and delivery times may take longer.

About general sales

We are currently producing for everyone who supported us through crowdfunding. General sales will begin as soon as preparations are complete.

If you register for our e-mail newsletter from this site or add us as a friend to the official LINE account below, we will contact you when we start activities such as general sales or crowdfunding.