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Small and thin long wallet Uno ver.2 Buttero

~ Available on Makuake from mid-July ~

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Three Features

1. Truly the smallest size

I have something to say to those looking for a "small wallet," "compact wallet," or "thin wallet." When looking for a wallet, I want you to pay attention to the "specific numbers" of how small or thin it is, rather than just looking at the wallet's features or claims.

For example, if a typical wallet has a long side of about 20 cm, then if it is 18-19 cm, it is not a lie to say that it is small. However, for those who are looking for a compact wallet, whether that is really a satisfactory measurement is another matter.

This product was not conceived from the perspective of how small a wallet, whose long side is conventionally around 20cm, could be made; rather, it was born from the idea of ​​"how many millimeters is the physical limit for a wallet, with the long side measuring 16cm, the largest, of a 10,000 yen bill?"

The Uno series was born from this unconventional approach. Compared to the long side of a 10,000 yen note, which is 16cm, it is an extremely small size, only 0.3cm larger, yet remains incredibly easy to use.

The long side of this product is only 16.3cm.

We think, Unless the size of Japanese banknotes changes, this is the limit. We are confident that this size will completely change your concept of a long wallet.

What is the size (long side) of the long wallet you have around you? Take this opportunity to find out.

Achieving an astonishingly small size Design Patents

In a word, "no sewing." In order to achieve this extremely small size on the long side, it is not possible to sew the part that forms the banknote storage area. If sewing were to be done, it would naturally require "room" for the sewing, which would make the wallet larger.

The Uno series The bill storage area is not sewn. Instead of sewing, it is folded and fastened with a hook, achieving a smart design without sewing.

This unconventional design is 3 to 4 cm thicker than a regular wallet, and over 1 cm thicker than even the smallest long wallets on the market.

*The standards for general wallets and long wallets that are said to be the smallest in the world were determined by our own research.

2. Extremely small, yet thin and with a large capacity

If you look at it this far, it may seem like a long wallet that is just focused on being small. However, we understand that smallness alone is not enough to end your wallet search.

First of all, the Uno ver.2 is extremely small in size, thin and large in capacity.
The wallet can hold a maximum of 13 cards, 30 coins, and 30 bills, and is only 18mm thick at the center.

Even the thickest part, the coin purse, is only about 25mm.

How can a wallet be made to be both small and thin and have a large capacity? The secret lies in its structure. The main factors that make a wallet thick are the overlapping cards and the dividers.

First of all, this product is designed so that cards are lined up vertically, with only three cards overlapping each other. Most wallets tend to have cards lined up horizontally, with five or six cards overlapping each other.

Next, there are dividers to separate cards, but this product does not have any dividers at all. By inserting cards into the diagonal slits, you can store cards separately. Most wallets have dividers between cards, but this makes the wallet thicker.

3. Extremely easy to use

So far I've been talking a lot about size and capacity, but the most important thing is ease of use.

The Uno series has separate card slots , so you can find the card you want in an instant and quickly take it out the next moment.

The coin purse is intentionally made shallow to improve visibility, allowing you to quickly find the coin you're looking for and easily remove it without having to insert your finger too far into the purse.

The three-dimensional structure of the bill storage section allows for smooth insertion and removal of bills.

By placing the IC card in a separate card pocket, it is less likely to interfere with other cards and can be passed through ticket gates as is.

The multi-storage pocket can store keys, Airtags, etc. It is also ideal for storing medicines and amulets.

End your wallet search with the "right wallet structure"

This is for those who are using a small or thin wallet for the first time, as well as those who have been on a quest to find a wallet that suits them but have not been able to find one until now.

Customers who use moku wallets often say things like, "I tried a lot of compact wallets, but this was the right wallet structure for me ." I don't think there's a greater compliment than that. I'm really happy.

We often hear comments such as "Once you try it, you can't go back." Please try it once and you will never want to go back.

The Uno series is guaranteed to be easy to use

This product was born as an upgraded model of the "Small and Thin Long Wallet Uno" that debuted in January 2023. The previous model, the small and thin long wallet Uno, was purchased by 430 people during crowdfunding at the time of its debut, and received a high rating of 4.7/5 on the official online shop.

Three improvements from the previous model

Based on feedback from many customers, we have developed new added value in pursuit of even greater ease of use.

1. Size remains almost the same, but capacity has increased

The amount of storage space has changed dramatically, allowing items to be stored effortlessly and easily accessed.

Conventional model: 7 cards, 20 coins, 20 bills New model: 13 cards, 25 coins, 25 bills

Moreover, the overall size has hardly changed, with only the short side becoming 1mm larger.

The secret to this increased capacity lies in the change in structure. In previous models, we insisted on making it from a single piece of leather, but for this model, we deliberately abandoned that insistence. By using multiple parts, we were able to eliminate the bulge caused by bending the leather, which increased the efficiency of the storage space and successfully increased the capacity. We also made the gusset area larger to provide more space.

2. The stitching is hidden, creating a more sophisticated design.

In the previous model, the stitching that would normally be hidden was left exposed as a result of the pursuit of a truly lean structure. While the benefits of this are an "overall thinness" and "reduced material costs," some people are concerned about the appearance.

In this piece, a single piece of leather has been added so as to hide the stitching. This increases the thickness by the amount of leather needed, but in return, the stitching is completely hidden, resulting in a more refined design .

3. New storage space added

As explained in 2, adding an extra piece of leather has resulted in additional storage space.
Can store receipts, invoices, point cards, etc.

The previous model did not have storage space here.

It can hold up to 1,000 yen bills.

High-quality and earth-friendly "materials"

1. Materials with a high-quality texture that makes you want to touch them. 2. Materials that contribute to a sustainable society and benefit the earth through their selection.

We carefully select such ingredients.

Material: Buttero

Buttero is known as the king of Italian leather and the best of the best. It is made from the shoulder part of a steer and is vegetable tanned. The shoulder part is hard, so it is characterized by its firmness and resilience. Although there are individual differences, there may be some stripes that tend to appear on the shoulder.

It is dyed using superior dyeing techniques, so it has a beautiful, transparent color while also having a firm, heavy feel.

This wallet has actually been used by a staff member for about 8 months. It has gradually become deeper and more tasteful. You can enjoy the changes that occur over time.

Choosing materials that benefit the earth and contribute to a sustainable society

Most genuine leather (leather made from animal skin) is made from animal skin that would otherwise be discarded due to livestock farming, and is said to be more environmentally friendly than if it were simply discarded.

In reality, when trying to improve the texture and durability of leather materials, chemicals and additives are often used. The manufacturing and processing of leather using chemicals can produce by-products that are harmful to the environment.

on the other hand, Leather processed using plant-derived ingredients For example, leather that is processed using only tannins, a type of polyphenol, is called full vegetable tanned leather, and moku mainly deals with such leather. The Buttero leather used in this film is also tanned with tannins. It has been.

Actual usage scenario

"Put it in your pocket and go out empty-handed."

When placed in the back pocket of the men's pants worn by our staff, the wallet was completely invisible. Because it is thin, it does not ruin the silhouette.

"Put it in a small bag or pocket and go out lightly."

"IC cards are also OK."

*You can use your IC card as is if you place it in a separate card pocket.

~ Available on Makuake from mid-July ~

Limited quantity, don't miss your chance to get up to 15% off!
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