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The way to the atelier shop

Exit the ticket gate at Musashi-Nakahara Station and go straight until you see Beans.
Walk straight ahead towards Beans on your right.

There is a crosswalk with a traffic light directly ahead, so cross the light towards Lawson.

Turn right when you see Lawson in front of you.

Continue straight ahead, with Sumitomo Mitsui Bank and Doutor Coffee on your left.

When you reach the intersection, you will see Komeda Coffee diagonally to the left. Cross the crosswalk towards Komeda Coffee. Turn left when you see Komeda Coffee in front of you.

Turn left in front of Komeda Coffee and go straight. You will see a 7-Eleven across the street.

If you continue straight, you will see "BOOK OFF" directly ahead and "Hanamasa Meat" across the street .

When you see "Fit Care Depot" on your right, you've almost arrived.

After passing Fit Care Depot, you will come to a building with a monjayaki restaurant on the first floor. Moku's atelier shop is on the second floor of that building.

Please go up the stairs just before the Monjayaki restaurant.

We've arrived! Go up the stairs and you'll find the moku atelier shop on the far left.