Card type key case Kachan


This product is a pre-order item that will be accepted starting at 9:00 on Saturday, December 9th, and the expected shipping date is listed along with the color name.
*Delivery dates for reserved items may vary depending on material procurement status.
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【Important Notices】
This product is also sold as an option for the small and thin wallet Saku ver.3. If you order the small and thin wallet Saku ver.3 at the same time from the product page, you can order at a special price (10% OFF), so please consider that as well.

After ordering this product (single item), special pricing for set orders cannot be applied. In addition, we cannot accept cancellations after an order has been placed to apply the special price, so please be sure to check before placing your order.

Product features

Add storage for up to 2 keys to your wallet or business card holder

*Wallet not included

A card-shaped key case that fits perfectly into card storage areas such as wallets, card cases, and business card holders. It can store two regular keys like the one shown in the photo, and of course can also be used to store one.

Developed as an option for the small and thin wallet Saku and the small and thin long wallet Uno. Regarding Saku, you can use not only the latest version but also ver.1/ver.2.

Image of use with small and thin wallet Saku

Achieves both a feeling of holding and ease of release

*Wallet not included

What kind of structure would allow for easy access while still providing a secure hold (storage)? I thought about it thoroughly.

There are two points that made this possible.

1. Sandwich a moderately hard material between two layers of leather

A translucent material is sandwiched between two thin pieces of Buttero leather. There are countless options as to what material to use here. We pursued the material and thickness to create the perfect hardness to achieve both a feeling of holding and ease of release.

2.The leather material is Buttero leather, which is strong and firm.

There are countless options for leather materials, but not only are they of good quality, By using Buttero leather, which has strong elasticity and firmness, we have succeeded in creating a grip that reduces the risk of the key falling out.

Compatibility with wallets other than the small and thin wallet Saku and the small and thin long wallet Uno

*Wallet not included

Developed for the small and thin wallet Saku and the small and thin long wallet Uno. Among our products, there is another wallet called Ichi, but Ichi is not suitable because it has a small maximum card capacity of 5 cards. (If you insert Kachan, no cards will be inserted at all.)

We have confirmed that our products can also be stored in business card holders and card cases.

Although we cannot guarantee any products other than ours, since this product is card-sized, we believe that it can be used in many wallets and business card holders without any problems.

Product specifications

Size: Width 54 x Height 85 x Thickness 2 (mm)
Weight: about 8g
Material: Buttero
Country of Manufacture: Japan Storage: 2 keys *Size and weight may vary slightly. This is data when not stored.
*This product has been granted a non-exclusive license for the design right by the design right holder of Design Registration No. 1677196 (Atelier Dots and Lines).

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