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[B grade product] Glasses case Mikke Buttero

Sale price¥9,680 Regular price¥12,100

Since this is a B-grade product, you can purchase it at 20% off the regular price.
This product is in stock and will be shipped within 3-5 business days. Shipping is available on Saturdays and Sundays only .

This product is a B-grade product .
At moku, our brand mission is to advocate sustainability, so we sell items that are not genuine but are perfectly functional at a discount as defective items.

Scratches will become less noticeable as the leather blends in with use. We hope you will consider using this product as part of your efforts to protect the environment.

Each item is one of a kind, so please consider purchasing as soon as possible.

The main reasons why they are considered B-grade products are as follows, and the quality varies from item to item.

・There are noticeable scratches or damage. There are noticeable cracks/slight discoloration. *Although all are unused, these are caused by scratches that occurred during the manufacturing process, cracks that were originally present in the leather material, or fading due to long-term storage.

Below is an example photo.
Please note that there may be individual differences, so please use this information as a reference only.

However, there are no functional defects such as zippers that are difficult to open or hooks that are difficult to open and close.

Regarding B-grade products, please be sure to check the following points: We ask for your understanding when placing your order.
・We do not accept returns or exchanges for reasons other than functional defects such as scratches, cracks, or distortions. (Reasons such as "the condition is worse than I expected" are also not eligible for return or exchange.)
- We cannot share photos or other information about damage or other conditions in advance, nor can we allow you to make selections based on photos.

Product Features

Simple form with no unnecessary features

This is one of moku's proudest creations, which perfectly embodies the moku concept of "beautiful curves."
The rounded shape is not only beautiful, but also feels comfortable in your hand.

The lining is made of genuine pig suede

We also paid special attention to the lining, which is made from domestically produced pig suede, which not only protects your glasses but also feels luxurious and pleasant to the touch.

Made from 100% leather, yet sturdy enough to protect your glasses

It does not contain any materials such as metal plates.
However, the reason why it is strong enough to protect your precious glasses is not only because it is made of 1.6mm thick leather, but also because of its structure that makes the most of the natural strength of leather.

Delivered in an original gift box

Product Specifications

Size: 180mm wide x 65mm long x 45mm thick
Weight: Approx. 58g
table Buttero Italian cowhide
Lining: Pig suede
Country of Origin: Japan *Size and weight may vary slightly. Data is for unpacked items.

[B grade product] Glasses case Mikke Buttero
[B grade product] Glasses case Mikke Buttero Sale price¥9,680 Regular price¥12,100

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