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Product features

Advantages of thin wallets and small wallets

The definitive minimalist wallet that incorporates the best of both thin and small wallets.

When it comes to mini wallets and compact wallets, it is synonymous with moku, which has no compromises, combining the ``small and thin'' that is now commonplace with the ``easy to handle coins, sufficient capacity, and design'' that are said to be difficult to balance. It's a bi-fold wallet.

By using Saku, a small and thin wallet, you can achieve almost everything you want in a wallet, including the ``ease of carrying'' that you definitely want in a thin or small wallet, the ``storability'' that you want as much as possible , and the ``ease of use'' of a coin purse. I think I can get it.

The story leading up to the birth of the product

This work, "Small and Thin Wallet Saku ver.2" is an improved version of the previous work, "Small and Thin Wallet Saku", which received support from 1,307 people through crowdfunding.

We are very grateful that we received a lot of positive feedback from users of the previous product, the small and thin wallet Saku.

Project results for small and thin wallet Saku (ver.1)

Part of the evaluation of the small and thin wallet Saku (ver.1)

However, we have received several points for improvement.

To summarize the improvements we received, the following are improvements to the previous small and thin wallet Saku.

・Since there is no restraint on the bill, the bill is not stable.
・I want to make it easier to insert and remove cards.

This small and thin wallet Saku ver.2 is an improvement on the above improvements.

Four features of the small and thin wallet Saku ver.2

Features 1. Small + Thin + Large Capacity

The thickness is 15mm when it contains 8 cards, 10 bills, and 15 coins.
The size is 93mm wide and 93mm tall, making it the smallest bifold wallet in its class.

The biggest feature of the small and thin wallet Saku is that it is a compact wallet that is comparable to the thinnest and smallest wallets, but it also has ample capacity.

"Put it in your pocket and go out empty-handed."

"Easy to put in a small bag and keep it light"

I think this is the perfect spec to achieve that kind of lifestyle.

The small and thin wallet Saku can hold up to 8 cards, 20 coins, and 25 bills. You can see that the small and thin wallet Saku has a large capacity compared to most other products in the same genre that can only hold 5 to 6 cards and 15 coins.

At first glance, this difference may seem "minor", but once you get used to using a mini wallet or compact wallet, you will realize how convenient it would be if you could hold two or three more cards and coins.

Feature 2. Dramatically easier to put in and take out the coin purse

For those of you who have used wallets that are designed to be easy to carry, such as thin wallets, small wallets, mini wallets, and compact wallets, have you ever found it difficult to take your cards and coins in and out?

Many small wallets, mini wallets, and compact wallets sacrifice storage capacity, and because they are compact, the opening and closing part of the storage compartment tends to be small. Therefore, there are many cases where you have to put up with the inconvenience of taking things in and out.

You don't have to hold back anymore.

The small and thin wallet Saku is designed with a coin purse at the top of the wallet, and at the same time, it has a structure that opens easily by pinching both ends. You can easily put in and take out coins without being obstructed by anything else.

Feature 3. Highly textured and earth-friendly "materials"

① Materials with a high quality texture that makes you want to touch them ② Materials that contribute to a sustainable society where choosing is good for the earth

We carefully select such materials.

① Materials with a high quality texture that makes you want to touch them

Material 1: Pueblo

Used for exterior colors starting with Pueblo-.

Made by Badalassi Carlo using the vachetta method using the raw hides of cows over 2 years old. This is a very unique leather whose surface has been intentionally rough and fluffed as a finishing process.

At first, it feels like washi paper, and because of its matte texture, it has almost no shine, but the more you use it, the more the surface fibers soften and the luster increases at an accelerated rate, and the color deepens in a short period of time.

The gloss increases very quickly, so the changes are very dramatic, and the moist texture that sticks to it when used is also a big attraction. This leather is recommended for those who like the aging of leather.

Material 2: Noblessa calf

Noblessacalf- is used for exterior colors starting with .

This is the highest quality leather provided by Perlinger, a well-known long-established tanner that has been producing leather since 1864. Perringer combines over 150 years of leather tanning technology and experience with modern manufacturing methods to consistently provide the highest quality leather.
Not only is it of high quality, but it is also an environmentally friendly tanner that has earned it high praise from top brands around the world.

A characteristic of leather is that it has a uniform pattern created by embossing. The surface is covered with pigments, so even if water gets on it, it won't soak in easily, and the leather is relatively resistant to stains and scratches.

The degree of aging is smaller than that of Pueblo or Buttero, so this leather is recommended for those who want to keep the same texture for a long time.

The left side is unused and the right side is used for about 6 months.
Over time, the unevenness will become a little smoother, but there are almost no scratches.

Material 3: Buttero

All color interior (card/coin storage), Buttero-

Used for exterior colors starting with .

It is made by Conceria Walpier using the shoulder part of an adult cow called steer and is tanned. Since it has a hard shoulder part, it is characterized by its firmness and elasticity. Although there are individual differences, there may be some striped patterns that tend to appear on the shoulders.

Because it is dyed using an excellent dyeing technique, it has a beautiful, transparent color, but it also has a firm and heavy feel. Although it is not as dramatic as Pueblo, it is a leather that can be enjoyed over time.

②Materials that contribute to a sustainable society where choosing is good for the earth

Many genuine leathers (leather made from animal skins) are made from animal skins that would otherwise be discarded during livestock farming, and are said to be more environmentally friendly than just discarding them.

The reality is that when trying to improve the texture and durability of leather materials, chemicals and additives are often used. When manufacturing and processing leather using chemicals, the process can produce by-products that are not good for the environment.

On the other hand, there are also leathers that are processed using plant-derived ingredients. For example, leather processed using only tannin, a type of polyphenol, is called full vegetable tanned leather, and moku mainly deals with such leather.

4. “Design” that can be used for a long time and is fun

Sophisticated design that makes your heart flutter when you hold it
The more you use it, the more you'll love it, and the simple design you'll want to keep forever.

Such a design is the correct design at moku.

This idea is also the brand concept common to all moku products.

I think simple is far from easy. For example, because it is so simple, changing the size of the metal fittings by just 1 mm can greatly change the overall balance.
The process of failing over and over again is never easy, but we will not compromise there.

6 points about the small and thin wallet Saku ver.2

1. Hold bills securely with the bill holder

By holding the bills securely, the bills and receipts won't get loose when you open the wallet, and they won't get in the way of taking cards in and out.

The opening and closing parts are subject to stress and tend to get damaged relatively quickly, but by using two layers to hold the bills together, stability and durability have been increased.

2. Balancing the thickness of the leather and the thinness of the wallet

The outer leather is approximately 1.5mm thick, which is thicker than the thin wallet, small wallet, mini wallet, and compact wallet genre.

A common failure story with small wallets, mini wallets, and compact wallets is that people focus so much on making the wallet itself thin and compact that even the material is thin, and the wallet loses its durability and stability. Saku, a small and thin wallet, has a unique structure that allows for the paradox of ``thick leather but thin wallet.''

3. Direct access to coins

Imagine spending money.
・When paying at the cash register, don't you first check how much coins you have to give so you don't end up with too much change?
・Wouldn't it be easier if you could just take coins in and out of a vending machine?

The small and thin wallet Saku has a structure that allows you to take out coins directly without opening the wallet, giving you peace of mind even when you are in a rush to pay your bills.

4.YKK Mogami Zipper

For small items that use zippers, slippage and durability of the zipper are extremely important. The small and thin wallet Saku uses EXCELLA, which is said to be YKK's top class. At first, it will feel hard to open and close, but it will gradually become smoother.

5. Delivered in a high-quality presentation box

A small and thin wallet that is just the right size, delivered in a special case for Saku.
It can also be wrapped, so it is also recommended as a gift.

*The design and color of the special case may change without notice.

6. Left-handed compatible

Colors marked with -left are designed for left-handed people.
The construction is reversed from the regular version (right-handed), and it is designed to be used to pick up bills with your left hand.

Left-handed interior photo

Product specifications

Product name: Small and thin wallet Saku (ver.2)
Size: Width 93 x Height 93 x Thickness 15 (mm)
8 cards, 15 coins, 10 banknotes Color when stored: 12 colors in total (please see color details)
Weight: 51g
Material: Material varies depending on color

pueblo-petrolio, pueblo-mosto, pueblo-cognac, pueblo-grigio, pueblo-navy:
Exterior Pueblo, interior Buttero

buttero-black,buttero-whiskey, buttero-darknavy:
exterior Buttero , Interior Buttero

noblessacalf-green, noblessacalf-beige, noblessacalf-black, noblessacalf-black-gold:

Exterior noblesacalf, interior Buttero

*In the unlikely event that there is a significant problem with the supply of materials, we may change to materials of equivalent quality.
Country of manufacture: Japan Maximum capacity: 8 cards, 20 coins, 25 banknotes *Size and weight may vary slightly. This is data when not stored.
*Capacity may vary depending on the type of card or coin.
*The photo uses PRYM ITALY spring hooks, but we have changed the specifications and are now using higher quality domestic spring hooks (plain color, no markings).

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