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Article: Buttero leather characteristics and care methods


Buttero leather characteristics and care methods

Characteristics of Buttero leather

Buttero leather is made by Conceria Walpier, a tanner (leather manufacturer) in Tuscany, Italy.

The shoulder part of an adult cow called steer is used and processed with tanning. Because it uses a relatively hard shoulder part, it is characterized by firmness and elasticity.

Although there are individual differences, there may be some striped patterns that tend to appear on the shoulder area.

It is dyed using dyeing techniques in Italy, the holy land of genuine leather, so it has a beautiful, transparent color, but the firmness that is unique to the shoulder gives it a profound feel that is very attractive.


Daily care

Buttero leather contains a lot of oil from the beginning, so there is generally no need to apply cream or the like.

For daily care, simply wiping it dry with a soft, dry 100% cotton cloth is sufficient.

When the leather becomes dry, take a small amount of colorless cream on a cloth, mix it well, and apply it to the product using circular motions. After that, wipe it dry with a soft cloth without applying pressure.

When and how to care for Buttero leather

Basically, Buttero does not require any maintenance, but in such cases, please take care of it.

1.Summer season

2. If the product becomes damp due to sweat or rain

3. If the leather becomes dry

For 1 and 2, humidity is a problem.

If you leave Buttero in a humid state, the following problems may occur, so please be careful.

・Mold grows

・Leather dye stains on banknotes and clothes

We recommend the following three methods for cleaning.
It is best to do it in the order of 1 → 2 → 3.

1. Brushing

Brushing is effective in removing dust from leather and dirt clogged in the leather's pores. There are a variety of brushes available, but we recommend horsehair, which has the right amount of hardness and delicateness. It is easy to obtain as it is reasonably priced.

It's a pain, but if you maintain it with oil or cream before brushing to remove the dirt, it may cause the dirt to stick, so you want to do it carefully without getting bothered.

You can also purchase brushes on Amazon .

pueblo brushing

2.Dry wipe

Apply a dry, soft cloth to the silver side (leather surface) and wipe away any moisture.
Although it is not visible to the naked eye, moisture such as sweat and rain adheres to the leather, so you can imagine using a cloth to absorb it.

It is best to imagine stroking or pressing rather than scrubbing.

What you need to be careful about is the fiber material. Choose fabrics made from 100% cotton rather than synthetic fibers. Chemical fibers can damage the leather, so be careful.

You can buy it anywhere, but you can also buy it from Muji, Amazon , etc.

Pueblo dry wipe

3. Apply cream

Do this only when the leather is dry. If you apply cream to damp leather, it will not moisturize the leather properly, which is not good.

Also, apply cream during the dry winter season or once a year . After applying the cream, wipe it dry again. Please be careful not to apply too much cream as this may cause stains.

If possible, it is best to purchase a special cream, but colorless shoe leather preservation cream can also be used instead.

The following are recommended as dedicated ones:
You can purchase it on Amazon etc.


Buttero Care Instructions Lana Parr

Buttero leather is a leather that grows with its owner.
I hope you enjoy growing it.

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