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Article: What is brass? What are its characteristics, how to read it, and how is it different from other metals?


What is brass? What are its characteristics, how to read it, and how is it different from other metals?

brass basics

What is brass?
Some people may be hearing it for the first time, while others may have heard of it but don't really understand it.

First, let's understand what brass is.

It is written as ``brass'' and pronounced as ``shinchu''.

Brass is an alloy that is a mixture of copper and zinc.
Since it is easily deformed by heat, it is often used for interior decoration and decorative items as a metal that is easy to work with.

In terms of familiar things, it is used in wind instruments such as saxophones and trumpets, so it is quite familiar to people who love music.

It has a slightly yellowish appearance, so it can be said to be a stylish and distinctive metal.

Characteristics of brass

Now that we have learned how to read brass and the basics, let's talk about its characteristics.

Can be deformed by heat

As I mentioned earlier, it is a metal that easily deforms when exposed to heat, so it is used in a variety of processed products.

Since it can be made into small shapes, it is also used for metal fittings such as wallets and bags.

This can be said to be the number one feature of brass.

Also, it is easily deformed by heat, which means that it can not only change its shape, but also stretch and contract.

One of the benefits is that the more you know about brass, the more you can enjoy it, as even the same piece of brass has characteristics that can change its appearance all at once.

Brass comes in different colors

Brass has the characteristic that its color changes depending on the composition of zinc and copper.
Since you can change the color to match the color of the accessory, you can create a wide variety of decorative items.

In particular, the yellowish coloring can be used for any product, so it is probably the first thing we see.

Easy to discolor

One of its disadvantages is that it is prone to discoloration.
It can't be helped because it contains copper.

The more you use it, the more it ages and becomes darker.

Some people want it to stay sparkly forever, but there are also people who think it's nice to see it darken over time.

This material is recommended for those who want to create their own unique color as they age.

So, what should people do if they don't want their clothes to change over time?

rest assured. With proper care, you can keep it sparkling for a long time.

Dark spots can be removed by buffing with cream or cloth.
Another familiar feature is that you can restore the sparkle by soaking it in vinegar.

Is there any difference from other metals?

Brass is a metal containing copper and zinc.
Unlike other metals, it is a mixture of two types of metals, so you can enjoy the feeling of heaviness.

People often compare the differences between brass and copper, or between brass and silver, but since the metals are different in the first place, you need to choose the one that suits your usage.

Copper and brass in particular have the characteristic of allowing you to enjoy their changes over time, so it would be nice to be able to choose something that will not change over time because you can't take care of it. Sho.

Recommended products using brass

Here we will introduce two recommended products using moku brass.

A card case that can hold 10 cards.

It is extremely easy to use as it can be stored one by one!
The sleeve is also used by famous brands, so it is characterized by strength and luxury.

The surface is also made of high-quality edgewood, making it a product that not only looks luxurious but also feels comfortable to the touch.

Card cases in particular are products that are subject to stress, so be sure to experience the strength of this product!

In addition, the gold brass metal shines brightly, giving it a luxurious feel.

If the color of the case body is dark, the gold will stand out even more.
On the other hand, if you pair it with a slightly lighter color like pink, it will blend in and create a softer image.

The look can change instantly depending on the color combination, so if you choose the one that suits your taste, you can express your individuality.

Product name: Card case Surun
Price: 9,900 yen (tax included)
Purchase page:

This is a small folding wallet.

Recently, more and more people are carrying small, thin, and non-bulky accessories.
This wallet is recommended for people like minimalists who want to have a wallet that is as compact as possible.

Although it is small and thin, it is easy to hold coins and other money and can hold a lot of money.

This wallet is carefully designed so there is no wasted space and you can store it.

It looks luxurious, and I think it's a product that can make you stand out from others.

Product name: Small and thin wallet Saku ver.2
Price: 19,800 yen (tax included)
Purchase page:

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