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Article: What is TPU? What are its characteristics, differences and benefits from other materials?


What is TPU? What are its characteristics, differences and benefits from other materials?

What is TPU?

Have you ever heard of the word TPU?
If you're looking for a smartphone case, you may have come across one.

The smartphone case you are using may be made of TPU material.

TPU is a type of plastic and is often called urethane resin.

It can be said to be a flexible and soft plastic.

Some people may wonder what it means to be soft even though it's plastic.

Silicon is compared to TPU.
As you know, silicone is a very soft material that can be freely deformed.
The difference is that it is harder than silicone, but not as hard as plastic.

What are the characteristics of TPU?

Next, I will talk about the characteristics of TPU.

Differences and comparison with silicon

I will explain the difference with silicon in an easy-to-understand manner while comparing it!

First of all, silicone and TPU are both elastic and soft, making them difficult to break even if dropped.

The advantage of both is that it is elastic and can absorb shock.

However, silicon also has disadvantages.

Although it has the advantage of being soft and easy to use, it also has the characteristic that it is too soft and easily separates from the main body.

When you take it out of your pocket or bag, it can get caught and come off due to friction.

The disadvantage is that it is too soft.

Furthermore, due to the nature of the material, there is also the disadvantage that it is prone to dust and stains.

Because of this, you may end up changing cases quickly.

What are the benefits of TPU?

Now that we know the advantages and disadvantages of silicon, let's talk about the advantages of TPU, which is very similar.

TPU material is harder than silicone, so it has a much higher adhesion to the smartphone body.

It is highly unlikely that the case will get caught on something and come off.

Compared to the stiffness of silicone, the feel is almost the same as that of conventional plastic, and I think it's best to imagine that the surface is a little rubbery.

TPU material has the characteristic that it covers all the disadvantages of silicone, as it is less prone to dust than silicone.

The number of smartphone cases made of TPU material is increasing, and I'm sure many people actually own one.

What are the disadvantages of TPU?

Of course, if there are advantages, there are also disadvantages.

The same can be said for silicone, but it is sensitive to heat.

It seems that you need to be careful about high temperatures and long periods of direct sunlight.

Also, if exposed to too much UV rays, the color may change and turn yellow.

In particular, if you choose a transparent or white TPU smartphone case, the yellowing may become even more noticeable.

Choosing a design with a dark color will make it less noticeable.

TPU material is easy to use!

As explained this time, TPU is a type of plastic and has the characteristic of being softer than conventional products.

It can be said that it is a material between plastic and silicone, so it can be said that it is a material that eliminates the disadvantages of both and has many advantages.

Of course, there are disadvantages, but it is a material that is in high demand for its ease of use.

As TPU material has become mainstream, many smartphone cases with stylish designs are now on sale!

You can now choose your favorite design from a wide variety of designs, so why not take this opportunity to look for a smartphone case made of TPU material?

Good design! Functions well! I'm happy.

Recommended smartphone case using TPU!

A smartphone case made of TPU material that comes in a variety of colors and has a mature and luxurious feel.

Since it is made of TPU material, it has more elasticity than plastic and absorbs shock.

In particular, it seems to be the perfect smartphone case for people who often drop or bump their smartphones.

There are jagged anti-slip pads on both sides of the smartphone case!

The anti-slip feature makes it easy to hold and difficult to drop.

Although it is an option, it is also possible to add a card pocket.

It seems like you can carry it around compactly by storing your driver's license, commuter pass, etc.

You can also input your credit card into your smartphone, so you can now go out easily with just this!

Another great feature is that it has a structure that protects the camera from scratches.

Product name: iPhone case moshi soft type Price: 4,900 yen (tax included)
Purchase page:

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