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Article: What is Tenson Day? How do you spend your time and what is its relationship with ichigomanbaihi?


What is Tenson Day? How do you spend your time and what is its relationship with ichigomanbaihi?

What is Tencho Day?

Have you ever heard of the term Tenchohi?

Simply put, Tensha Day is a very nice day.
To be more precise, it refers to the auspicious day, which is considered to be the most lucky day in the calendar.

The day known as Ten Forgiveness Day is said to be ``the day when Heaven forgives the sins of all things,'' and it is said that everything will be forgiven and things will move forward quickly.

There are only about 5 days in a year on this day of blessings, so it can be said that it is truly the day to bring good luck.

It might be a good idea to mark a turning point in your life, an important timing, or the day you start something new as a day of blessings.

How to read Tenchohi

Tenshohi is pronounced ``Tensabi'' and ``Tenshanichi.''

It's okay if you read it in an easy-to-read person.

Tensho-hi is said to be the day for the strongest good luck, but there is also a similar day called `` Ichiryu Manbai-hi ''.

Ichiryu Manbai Day is said to be the day when your luck with money is strongest, and it is often compared with Tensho Day.

By the way, the pronunciation is "Ichiryumanbaibi."

How to spend the day of forgiveness

What should we do on the Amnesty Day, which only happens a few times a year?

Basically, it's okay to go about your usual life, but I think you'll feel better if you use it on special days.

reconsider your body

I'm sure you are busy going to work and raising children every day.

It's not uncommon for your body to become exhausted without you even noticing it.

That's why why not take advantage of this day, which only comes a few times a year, to take care of your body and refresh yourself?

By resetting your body, you can start each day with a new feeling.

Let's forget about everything for just one day and relax.

God will forgive you on the day of forgiveness.

Make it the day of marriage/registration

Marriage is the biggest milestone in life.

It is an important day when a new family member is born and a new life begins.

It may be difficult for those who have clearly decided on the date of marriage or registration, but for those who are worried about the date of registration or wedding, it may be a good idea to set it on Tensho Day.

On a personal note, my husband and I registered on the auspicious day, which is said to be a particularly nice day in the year when the day of heaven and the day of 10,000 times overlap!

I had no particular desire to register on What Day, so I registered on Tenshohi.

I'm living my life without incident for now.

Apply to opening a business or moving

Opening a business or moving is also an important day as the start of your life.

You may be able to start with a new feeling by using these days as days of forgiveness.

new wallet

It also has the power to increase your financial luck, as well as on the day of blessings.

In particular, if you buy a new one on a day when the aforementioned Ichiryu Manbai Day and Tencho Day coincide, your financial luck may further improve.

Most people buy a new wallet without worrying about anything, but you might be surprised to find that paying attention to the new date can make a big difference in your financial fortunes.

Make Heavenly Day a special day!

It's such a wonderful day, and it only exists a few times a year, so I hope you'll make the most of it.

It is said to be a good day to start something, so it may not be a good time to stop something.

It might be a good day to think about your dreams and how you want to live your life in the future.

Even if you don't make it that important, it would be nice to mark it as the day you start your diary, or the day you decide to propose to your beloved girlfriend.

When is Amnesty Day in 2023?

The Amnesty Days for 2023 are as follows:

Friday, January 6th
March 21st (Tuesday)
Monday, June 5th
Friday, August 4th
October 17th (Tuesday)

Among these August 4th (Friday) is a great good luck day when Ichiryoku Manbai Day and Tensha Day coincide!

It would be nice to be able to turn a day that only comes a few times a year into a wonderful day.

Recommended wallet that you'll want to buy a new one every day!

We would like to introduce you to a new wallet that you should buy on your lucky day.

If you are thinking of updating your wallet, start doing some research now in preparation for the next day of blessings!

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This wallet is especially recommended for people who want to carry a small wallet but have a habit of carrying around a lot of cash.

Even if you have a lot of coins, you can store them without any problem, and since it is a small wallet, you can easily put it in your bag.

If you have always had a long wallet or would like to carry a smaller wallet with you, why not buy a new one on the next day?

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