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Article: What is 1 grain 10,000 times a day? What should you not do and what should you do?


What is 1 grain 10,000 times a day? What should you not do and what should you do?

What is 1 grain 10,000 times a day?

We all know that there are good days and bad days throughout the year.
Good days and bad days come regularly, such as big lows and advance losses.

As an extension of that, there is a day called 10,000 times a day.

It is said that the 10,000-year-old day is one of the days with the best fortune.
In other words, it is said to be a very lucky day, a rare auspicious day.

Now, I will introduce you to what kind of day Ichigyoku Manbai Day actually is.

How to read Ichikumanbai day?

It's called ichiryumanbaibi and is pronounced ``ichiryumanbaibi.''

Although it is read as is, it is quite difficult to understand at first glance.

As the name suggests, your fortune will increase ten thousand times.

What kind of day is the 10,000-day day?

The day of one grain is determined by the combination of zodiac signs and solar terms.

Ichikumanbai is ``a day suitable for starting something''
It has been with.

Compared to Daian, it is considered a good day, and it is a good idea to bring a grain of 10,000 times a day to mark a turning point in your life.

As an example of a turning point in life or starting something,

・The day of registration or wedding ceremony ・The day of buying a new car ・Moving ・Starting a business ・Purchasing a new wallet ・Purchasing new shoes ・Purchasing a lottery ticket

There are things like that.

It's good to bring a day like this every day.

Especially the strongest day for money luck!

I mentioned earlier that it's good to start something on the 10,000 day, but it's also said to be the day when your luck with money is strongest.

Therefore, many people buy lottery tickets or buy new wallets every day.

Buying a new wallet isn't something you do many times a year.

Therefore, by making such a rare and important day a day of good fortune, I think the way you live your life in the future will change considerably.

If you are looking to improve your financial luck, please try it!

Maybe your financial luck will increase ten thousand times?

Things you should not do every day

I mentioned that it's good to use the 10,000-year-old day as a day to start something, but there are also some things you shouldn't do.

- Borrowing money from someone - Stopping something or making a decision to stop - Causing trouble with someone

Such will be considered.

In other words, it is said that you should not do things that are negative in the same way.

It is said that negative things later become 10,000 times more powerful.

Since it is said to be the day for the best luck, you should avoid doing anything negative.

What will be the best day in 2023?

Now that we've talked about it so far, when is the 10,000-year-old day?
I think there are many people who have wondered this.

There are about 5 days a month, so there are still many days in 2023.

However, be careful as the days marked with an asterisk (*) overlap with the "days of failure" and the power of the day will be canceled out.

〈10,000 days in 2023〉

January 5th (Thursday)*, 6th (Friday), 9th (Monday), 18th (Wednesday), 21st (Saturday)*, 30th (Monday)
February 2nd (Thu), 5th (Sun), 12th (Sun), 17th (Fri)*, 24th (Fri)
March 1st (Wednesday), 9th (Thursday)*, 16th (Thursday), 21st (Tuesday), 28th (Tuesday)
April 2nd (Sunday), 12th (Wednesday), 15th (Saturday), 24th (Monday), 27th (Thursday)
May 9th (Tuesday), 10th (Wednesday), 21st (Sunday), 22nd (Monday)
June 2nd (Fri), 3rd (Sat), 16th (Fri)*, 17th (Sat), 28th (Wed), 29th (Thu)
July 11th (Tuesday), 14th (Friday), 23rd (Sunday)*, 26th (Wednesday)
August 4th (Friday), 7th (Monday), 10th (Thursday), 17th (Thursday), 22nd (Tuesday), 29th (Tuesday)
September 3rd (Sun)*, 11th (Mon)*, 18th (Mon), 23rd (Sat), 30th (Sat)
October 5th (Thursday), 15th (Sunday)*, 18th (Wednesday), 27th (Friday), 30th (Monday)
November 11th (Sat), 12th (Sun), 23rd (Thu), 24th (Fri)*
December 5th (Tuesday), 6th (Wednesday), 7th (Thursday), 8th (Friday), 19th (Tuesday), 20th (Wednesday), 31st (Sunday)
January 2024 1st (Mon), 13th (Sat), 16th (Tue)*, 25th (Thu), 28th (Sun)
February 7th (Wednesday), 12th (Monday)*, 19th (Monday), 24th (Saturday)
March 2nd (Sat), 10th (Sun), 15th (Fri), 22nd (Fri), 27th (Wed)*

Among these August 4th (Friday) is a great good luck day when Ichiryoku Manbai Day and Tensha Day coincide!

A million times a day will come regularly.

You can mark it as an anniversary, or you can use it as an opportunity to make a new start.

Especially on Christmas Eve this year, Christmas is a special occasion, so it would be a good idea to give a wallet as a Christmas present.

Furthermore, it's romantic and nice to propose or register at Christmas.

I would be happy if you could take care of yourself every day and make it a good day.

Heaven's Day and Ichiryoku Manbai Day

There is a similar day of strong luck called ` `Tensha Hi ''.

Intuitively, it's almost the same.

Both days are considered good luck days, so they are perfect days to start something.

There are about 5 days of Ichiryu Manbai Days per month, while Tensho Days only exist about 5 days a year.

You can see that it is a day that is rarer than a million times a day.

Among these days, there may be days when Tensho Day and Ichiryoku Manbai Day overlap.

In 2023, August 4th (Friday) will be a great day for good luck as Ichiryoku Manbai Day and Tensha Day coincide!

The day when Heaven's Day and Ichiryoku Manbai Day overlap is the best day of the year for good luck.

By knowing these good luck days, you can create an opportunity to make a new start.

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