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Article: What is shrink leather? What is the difference between care and embossing?


What is shrink leather? What is the difference between care and embossing?

What is shrink leather?

There are many leather goods on sale.

There is a wide range of products such as wallets, smartphone cases, bags and pouches.

However, when it comes to leather products, there are many types of leather, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Among them, we will introduce "shrink leather" this time.

Leather has the meaning of "shrink" in English, and refers to leather that has been treated with special chemicals during the tanning process to shrink the surface of the leather and give it a grainy appearance.

The unique softness of this surface is gaining popularity.

Characteristics of shrink leather

The number one feature of shrink leather is the grain on its surface.

You can think of these wrinkles as wrinkles when the fabric is shrunk.

These unique wrinkles give it a luxurious feel and make it look soft and easy to use.

Additionally, because it is a soft material, shrink leather is highly resistant to impacts and scratches and is less noticeable.

When using regular leather products, the surface often gets scratched or bald.

Unlike leather products that tend to look older the more you use them, shrink leather is less prone to scratches and is less noticeable even if they do get scratched.

Therefore, for people who want to use the same item for a long period of time, shrink leather may be much easier to use.

Difference between embossed leather and shrink leather

Among the leather products similar to shrink leather, there is something called embossed leather.

The biggest difference between the two lies in the way the grain is formed.

Shrink leather is leather that uses chemicals to make the most of its grain.

Embossed leather, on the other hand, is a type of leather that has grain, just like shrink leather, but has a grain pattern stamped on its flat surface.

Simply put, it seems like shrink leather is one type of embossed leather.

Shrink leather has been specially processed, giving it a special feel.

The difference is obvious when you touch it, but I would like people to understand the difference between shrink leather and embossed leather so they don't make any mistakes when purchasing.

Care and maintenance of shrink leather

Although shrink leather is long-lasting, it is still a delicate leather product, so please take care of it and maintain it regularly.

However, as amateurs, we don't know how to care for or maintain shrink leather.

This time, I will tell you how to care for and maintain it.

Of course, the best idea is to take care of your hair regularly, but some people find it a pain to do so regularly, and others don't have the time.

It's best to take care of it and maintain it when you can.

This time, I hope you will remember how to care for it and how to maintain it.

1. Remove dust and dirt

The first thing you need to do is remove any dirt from the surface.

It can't be helped that it gets dirty when you use it.

Wipe the surface with a dry or soft cloth.

If you have wrinkles and want to clean every nook and cranny, using a horsehair brush will improve the effect.

2. Moisturize thoroughly with leather cream

Dryness is the worst enemy of leather.

Drying can make the surface hard and cause cracks and splits.

For this purpose, use cream to moisturize the shrink leather itself.

By applying moisturizer while spreading the cream with a soft cloth, you can easily distribute it to the front end.

The shine will also be restored.

3. Spray with waterproof spray

This can only be done by people who can do it.

It's not always necessary, but if you're carrying something like a bag, you might get caught in the rain.

Water can also cause discoloration, so be sure to spray it with waterproof spray to prevent discoloration.

Shrink leather smartphone case that we recommend!

First of all, as you can see, the grain is beautifully defined and it looks luxurious.

This is shrink leather made in Germany.

As I mentioned earlier, shrink leather smartphone cases are highly recommended because scratches are less noticeable.

The images below show the four types of leather materials for the smartphone cases we are introducing this time.

The gray material on the bottom right is shrink leather.

As you can clearly see when you line them up, you can see that the grain is the most noticeable.

Although shrink leather is not suitable for enjoying changes over time, it has the advantage of allowing you to enjoy the same texture for a long time.

If you want to use the same item for a long time, I recommend choosing a shrink leather item.

Product name: iPhone case MOSHI soft type Price: 4,900 yen (tax included)
Purchase page:

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