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Article: What is mink oil? How to use and care for leather products?


What is mink oil? How to use and care for leather products?

What is mink oil?

Have you ever heard of mink oil?

People who are familiar with leather may know about it, but those who aren't may be hearing about it for the first time.

Mink oil is a leather oil containing animal oil made from the subcutaneous fat of the mink, a member of the mustelid family.

Since it contains a large amount of oil, it has excellent water resistance and scratch resistance.

Although it is one of the moisturizing creams, it is a little different from ordinary moisturizing creams.

Since it does not contain any chemical ingredients, it blends well with leather products.

Features of mink oil

As mentioned earlier, mink oil is a cream that contains a lot of oil.

It is said to have the effect of softening the skin of leather products, giving it a natural shine, and making scratches less noticeable.

Suitable for moisturizing your precious leather products such as shoes, boots, bags, and wallets.

I would like people who are familiar with leather and people who are serious about leather care to use it.

However, some say that it is a little difficult to use for beginners.

Here we will introduce some things that beginners may find difficult to use when using mink oil.

It may become easier to lose its shape

While it has the advantage of blending well with leather and making it soft, it can also become too soft when used on leather shoes, ruining the formal look.

If the leather becomes soft, wrinkles may increase, so it is necessary to handle it carefully.

May get dirty easily

Due to the high oil content, dirt may easily adhere to the surface.

Even in daily life, dust often sticks to oily items.

In the same way, mink oil tends to attract dust and dirt.

In particular, if you apply too much oil, it will become more prone to dirt and create uneven spots.

It seems that you need to take an appropriate amount and take care of yourself.

Applying too much oil may cause stains

Applying too much oil may cause stains.

Once oil stains are present, they are difficult to remove.

It's a shock to find that even after taking care of your precious leather products, they end up with stains.

I think it's a good idea to clean it by adding oil little by little.

How to use mink oil correctly

We will talk about the correct way to use mink oil, taking into account the precautions.

If you take care of it in the right way, it will be more effective than you can imagine.

1. Remove dust from leather products using a brush

If you start cleaning without removing the dirt, the cream may not be able to get on the dirt-covered areas properly, resulting in uneven spots.

This step is arguably the most important.

2. Scoop out a small amount of mink oil with your fingers, about the size of a grain of rice.

As mentioned earlier, don't apply too much.

Use a little at a time, and if you don't have enough, add a little at a time.

Start with a small amount, about the size of a grain of rice.

3. Apply a thin layer over the entire leather product so that there are no uneven spots.

If the unevenness remains, it will become visible unevenness.

Also, if it is applied too thick, mold may grow there.

Therefore, be aware of stretching it as thinly as possible.

4. Leave it for a day to soak it in properly.

Immediately after cleaning, oil may migrate to other areas.

Let it sit for about a day to allow the surface to dry thoroughly and to allow it to soak into the leather.

5. Wipe off the applied oil with a dry cloth.

Doing this will increase the shine and give you a very beautiful finish.

It will also cure any remaining unevenness, so be sure to wipe it off thoroughly.


In addition to cream types, mink oil also comes in liquid and spray types.

Each type has a slightly different usage method, but there is a common care method for all of them.

The first step is to thoroughly remove the dirt, and the last step is to wipe it off.

This process will greatly change the final look.

This is also the reason why mink oil is not suitable for beginners.

Those who know how to care for leather will understand how important this process is.

Even beginners will be able to understand how to care for it as they get used to it.

Mink oil in particular gives a beautiful result, so I highly recommend using it.

Mink oil is a little different from regular leather moisturizing creams.

Of course, it has the purpose of moisturizing, but it is also an excellent product that can regenerate leather that has been used for a long time.

For those who want to use the same leather product for a long time or enjoy the changes over time, we recommend cleaning it with mink oil.

Why not try using mink oil to enjoy leather products?

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