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Thin wallet Ichi ver.2 Pueblo

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Product features

The ultimate thin wallet.
Achieves a thinness of 7mm, high storage capacity, and durability at the same time.

Ichi, which received support from a total of 838 people through two crowdfunding campaigns, has been updated to a long-awaited version.

Results at Makuake

Received the "Omotenashi Selection 2020" award to spread the good things of Japan to overseas countries.

We have a strong commitment to "practical thinness" . There are many thin and small wallets in the world, but I think they are too focused on thinness and compactness, and sacrifice some aspects.

The most painful sacrifices for users are storage capacity and durability. If you're just going to a nearby convenience store or supermarket, a thin and compact wallet may be fine.

Although Ichi is a thin wallet, it has enough storage capacity and durability (feeling secure) to allow you to go on long trips.

Three features of thin wallet Ichi ver.2

1.The thinnest level is the highest in the genre! ``Thinness: 7mm'' that won't be bulky even if you put it in your pocket

The secret to its thinness is a structure that prevents the card and coin compartments from overlapping, which can easily become bulky.

Typical wallets and coin purses have a structure in which the card compartment and coin compartment overlap vertically, but the thin wallet Ichi has an innovative structure that prevents them from overlapping.

This revolutionary structure not only allows for a thin wallet, but also allows for great storage.

Because it's so thin, it won't add bulk or distort the silhouette of your pants even if you put it in your pocket.

2. Even though it is thin, it has a storage capacity that allows you to go out with just one bag.

It's not just thin.

Holds 5 cards, 15 coins, and 20 banknotes . (Up or down depending on the type of coin/card)

3. Thin yet thick leather? High durability made possible by a single piece of leather with a thickness of 1.2 mm

The photo above shows Ichi being sewn. As you can see, Ichi is made by sewing together a long piece of leather. Furthermore, by using approximately 1.2mm thick leather, the wallet has a high quality feel and is durable and difficult to damage. This creates a sense of luxury.

Although it is a thin wallet, thick leather is used as the material. We are very particular about this design.

The story behind the birth of the thin wallet Ichi

The thin wallet Ichi was born as a wallet with a minimalist structure and simple design by focusing on the essence of a wallet and eliminating unnecessary elements.

When we delved into the essence of wallets, the following elements emerged.

1. Wallets should be accessible from one side.
2. If you break the bills wisely, your coins will never exceed 999 yen (15 pieces)
3. If you carefully select the cards you should keep in your wallet, you will only need 5 or fewer cards.

In a sense, we would like you to view the following as a proposal from us to modern people.

1. Wallets should be accessible from one side.

The thin wallet Ichi has a structure that allows you to insert and remove cards, bills, and coins from one direction.

This may seem obvious, but some products featuring thin wallets similar in concept to the thin wallet Ichi have a structure in which bills and coins can be taken out from different directions.

Please try to imagine.

When actually making a payment in cash, you first check to see if there is coins in the bag and then decide whether to take out bills or not. Furthermore, even if you do take out bills, you don't want to add more coins, so why not make up for the fraction with the coins you have? In other words, when making daily cash payments, you need to be able to instantly judge how to use coins and quickly withdraw and deposit coins.

In such situations, you need a structure that allows you to instantly take out cards, bills, and coins from the same direction without having to change the wallet opening.

The thin wallet Ichi has a structure that allows you to insert and remove cards, bills, and coins from one direction, so it supports instant decisions before you rush to check out.

When it comes to usability, we think thoroughly from the user's perspective.

2. If you break the bills wisely, your coins will never exceed 999 yen (15 pieces)

This is theoretical, but it means that if you are good at using coins, the total amount of coins in your wallet will never exceed 999 yen.

Of course there are exceptions, such as ``The vending machine ran out of 100 yen coins and all my change was returned in 10 yen coins,'' but unless that's the case, you should be able to manage your change as per theory. This idea allows us to create a thin wallet.

The thin wallet Ichi ver.2 is designed to hold approximately 15 coins.

3. If you carefully select the cards you should keep in your wallet, you will only need 5 or fewer cards.

The thin wallet Ichi can store up to 5 standard cards. If you feel that 5 pieces is too few, is it really that small?

I would like to share with you the card that I always carry with me.

・Driver's license, insurance card, commuter pass/credit card, cash card

If you always have the above four sheets on hand, you will not experience any inconvenience in your daily life. Almost all chain store point cards are available as apps.

Of course, if I suddenly have to go to a hair salon or hospital, I just take it out of the card holder in my drawer at home and head there. It is not necessary to always have it on hand.

Please take this opportunity to organize your wallet cards. I'm sure you'll need fewer cards than you thought.

Contents of thin wallet Ichi version upgrade

This product is an updated version of the "Single-Piece Leather Compact Wallet ICHI", and the following points have been improved to make it even easier to use.

1. Change the orientation of the bill compartment and add a bill holder

The bill compartment used to open on the left side when viewed from the front, but in version 2 it opens on the right side, making it ideal for right-handed people.
Also, in the first generation, there was no bill restraint, so the bills could get loose, but with ver.2, there is no need to worry.

2. Even smaller

The previous version (first generation) is on the left, and the current version (ver.2) is on the right.
It has become more compact by about 10mm both vertically and horizontally.

3.Uses a zipper with a handle

The first version had a larger puller, but some people complained that it got in the way, so we adopted a compact puller in ver.2. Once you get used to it, even men's hands can use it without any inconvenience.

Use scene

Ichi has a unisex design and design, so it can be used regardless of gender or age. It is used by both men and women, with a 50-50 split between men and women.

It goes well with not only casual occasions but also business occasions and suits.
It is also popular among minimalists.

You can easily store it in a small bag or mini pouch.
If you choose a bright color such as cognac or petrolio, it will be perfect for a feminine and cute outfit.

A high-quality presentation box, perfect as a gift

Delivered in a special case that is just the right size.
It can also be wrapped, so it is also recommended as a gift.

*The design and color of the special case may change without notice.

Intellectual property right

The design rights for the thin wallet Ichi have been obtained.
Design: Intention 2020-3419

Product specifications

Size: Width 100 x Height 102 x Thickness 7 (mm)
Color: Total 9 colors
Weight: approx. 57g
Material: Italian cowhide Pueblo
Country of Origin: Japan
Maximum capacity: 5 cards, 15 coins, 20 banknotes
*There are some individual differences in size and weight. This is data when not stored.
*Maximum capacity varies depending on the type of card or coin.

Thin wallet Ichi ver.2 Pueblo
Thin wallet Ichi ver.2 Pueblo Sale price¥17,600

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ずっと欲しかったのでお金を貯めてやっとGETしました。saku ver.2と迷ったのですが、カード入れのスリットが小銭入れを使う時に下向きになるのが不安で同じ方向についているIchiに変更しました。




- ICHIを使用、薄さは抜群。薄さはこのまま幅を可能な限り小さくして欲しいです。
- SAKUはICHIより分厚い。ビジネススラックスの尻ポケットに入れてあまり目立たない財布が欲しいです。
- とにかくコインが入る財布で薄さを追求したものが欲しいです。
ICHI Ver.2は私のすべての理想が叶えられた財布が実現しました。早速ブラックを購入して使用してます。