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[Limited quantity] Card case Surun VeauEpsom

Sale price¥14,300
Color:Coral Pink

This product is a seasonal limited edition and is available in limited quantities . As the number is very limited, we ask that you place your order as soon as possible if you are considering purchasing it.

This product will be shipped within 5 business days of your order.

Product Features

Card sleeve that holds 10 cards

Comes with 10 card sleeves. The sleeves are made of a very strong and luxurious material, as they are also used by famous brands.

Attention to detail in edges (sides)

Each piece is carefully crafted by a craftsman using high-quality edge wood that is also used by high-end overseas brands.

Not only does it look beautiful, it also feels smooth to the touch, and above all, it is durable and less likely to crack.

The durability of the edges of the opening and closing parts, which are prone to stress, is particularly put to the test.

Attention to lining

The lining is made of luxurious genuine pig suede leather. There are other materials that can give off a similar feel, such as synthetic leather and leather-like fiber materials, but when you actually touch and look at them up close, you can tell that a product made from genuine pig suede leather is in a class of its own. Naturally, synthetic leather and leather-like fiber materials are cheaper, but we do not compromise on the material.

Delivered in a special case, perfect as a gift

*The design and color of the dedicated case may change without notice.

Product Specifications

Size: Width 105 x Height 70 x Thickness 20 (mm)
Weight: 89g
table VeauEpsom, a French cowhide
Lining: Pig suede Country of origin: Japan Maximum capacity: 10 cards *Size and weight may vary slightly. Data when not in use.

[Limited quantity] Card case Surun VeauEpsom
[Limited quantity] Card case Surun VeauEpsom Sale price¥14,300

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