What is Tiger Day? A day to improve your financial luck and get a new wallet

What is Tiger Day? Tiger day? Tiger day?

Tiger Day refers to the auspicious day that comes around every 12 days based on the zodiac sign.

The golden pattern of the tiger is considered a symbol of financial luck, and the day of the tiger is said to be a day to bring financial luck.

Therefore, it can be seen that the day of the tiger is a good day related to money.

By the way,,,

The day of the tiger is not ``tiger'' but ``tiger''.

It is thought of based on the zodiac signs, so it is the same as the character ``tiger'' in the zodiac.

Good things to do on Tiger Day

The day of the tiger is said to bring good luck with money, but since it is an auspicious day that comes every 12 days, you can't just think about money every time.

We will talk about what you should do and how to spend your time on the auspicious days that come regularly.


There is a saying that a tiger "goes a thousand miles and returns a thousand miles."

As the text suggests, the word comes from the tiger's habit of going to far away places a thousand miles a day and then coming back again.

The origin of this proverb is that in the past, many people would go on a trip on the day of the tiger, praying that they would return safely after their trip.

It seems to have decreased in number now, but there are still some travelers who set their departure date on Tiger Day.

It's not possible to schedule your travels to coincide with each Tiger's Day, but if you go on a trip on the Tiger's Day once in a while, your luck may improve.

However, even if you suddenly want to go on a trip, you may be confused about where to go, right?
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The seasons are divided into spring, summer, fall, and winter, and the best seasons, distances, and times for each location are easy to understand, so please use this as a reference.

buy a lottery ticket

I think there are quite a lot of people who buy lottery tickets on Tiger Day.

Lotteries are also related to financial luck, so it is highly recommended to buy a lottery ticket on the day of the tiger.

In fact, there seems to be data that the Tiger's Day is the third most important auspicious day for Japanese people.

There may not be many people who pay particular attention to Tiger's Day, but if you want to buy lottery tickets, it's Tiger's Day! Maybe that's why it's famous.

renew your wallet

On days when your luck with money is strong, get a new wallet!

It's auspicious day that comes regularly, so I can't be as careful as I do every time.

Also, don't change your wallet often.

That's why it's a good idea to buy a new wallet on an auspicious day that will bring you good luck with money.

It doesn't matter when to change your wallet or when to buy a wallet.

For things related to your wallet, let's do it on the auspicious day of the Tiger's Day, which comes regularly!

It is also said that by purchasing a new wallet on days when your luck with money increases, such as the Day of the Tiger, you will have the power to attract money.

If you're going to use it anyway, you want to attract money!

In addition to Tiger Day, other days such as ``Ichiryu Manbai Day'' and ``Tencho Day'' are also famous as days when financial luck increases.

By combining Tiger's Day with other auspicious days, you may attract even more financial luck.

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make expensive purchases

Tiger's Day is a good day for expensive purchases.

It is said that even if you spend a lot of money on things like a house or a car, the money you spend on the day of the tiger will definitely come back to you.

It is believed that even if you take out a loan or borrow money, you will be able to pay it back immediately, so it is recommended that you make any big purchases on the day of the Tiger.

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What not to do on Tiger Day

There is only one thing you should not do on the day of the tiger.

It's a "ceremonial occasion."

As I said earlier, the tiger says, ``Even if it goes away, it will always come back.''

So even if you leave, you will always come back.

Under no circumstances should you do any event where you don't expect your child to return.


If you think of the idea that you will definitely come back, isn't it good to get married because you are coming home?

You might think that.

However, ``the house you will always return to'' means that you will always return to your parents' home, not your new home.

Even if Taian and Tiger Day overlap, it should be avoided as it can be interpreted as meaning that the person will not return to you.


It is believed that the dead will return, meaning that they will never be able to attain Buddhahood.

You should also refrain from offering condolences, as it can be interpreted as a sign that they will come back eventually.

It is said that funerals are not allowed, but wakes can be held on Tiger Day, as it is said to be a day to remember the dead.

Tiger Day 2023

1/8, 1/20, ▲2/1, 2/13, 2/25, ☆▲3/9, ☆☆3/21, ☆4/2, 4/14, 4/26, 5/8, 5/20, 6/1, 6/13, 6/25, 7/7, 7/19, ▲7/31, 8/12, 8/24, 9/5, 9/17, 9/29, 10 /11, ▲10/23, 11/4, ▲11/16, 11/28, ▲12/10, 12/22

☆☆3/21: One grain million times day, Tensha day, Tiger day ☆4/2, (☆▲3/9): One grain million times day, Tiger day
2/13, 11/4 (▲2/1, ▲10/23): Daian and Tiger Day▲ overlap with the day of non-fulfillment.


Did you understand what you can and cannot do on Tiger Day?

"No matter how far a tiger goes, it always comes back."

That word is everything.

In other words, it's a good idea to do things that you want your partner to return to you and that you want them to return to you.

On the other hand, it's a good idea to remember to avoid things that you shouldn't or shouldn't return to.

Tiger Day is really interesting when you understand its origins.

It is also a popular auspicious day, as it is a day that is particularly good for financial luck.

However, many people do not know the origin or details of Tora Day.

Let's take a step further and understand what you should and shouldn't do by knowing the origin of auspicious days.

By doing so, you can prepare for the auspicious days that come regularly.

Knowing the auspicious days will make it easier to plan ahead.

To make the day of the tiger, which is especially good for money luck, even better,

“What kind of wallet should I get next?”
“What color of wallet will improve your luck?”

Let's aim for further improvement in financial luck.

By some chance, good days may come more easily for you.

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