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Article: What is Snake Day? Dos and don'ts Snake Day 2023

巳の日とは。やっていいこと、いけないこと 巳の日 2023

What is Snake Day? Dos and don'ts Snake Day 2023

What is Snake Day?

Have you ever heard of Snake Day?

On the calendar, there are good days called auspicious days, and there are also bad days.

Snake Day is one of the auspicious days.

"Snake" refers to a snake.

It's the snake of the zodiac!

I'm sure many people have said, "I've seen a snake sitting on Benzaiten's head!"

It is a lucky day that comes once every 20 to 40 days.

By the way, The reading of Snake Day is "Minohi".

Benzaiten is said to improve your luck in various fields such as art, entertainment, competition, academic ability, and scholarship.

Snake Day has a strong connection with Benzaiten!

Good things to do on Snake Day

We will introduce you to what you can do and what you should do on this auspicious day!

1. Visiting a shrine

Be sure to visit the shrine that enshrines Benzaiten.

Famous places include Itsukushima Shrine in Hiroshima and Eshima Shrine in Kanagawa Prefecture.

As the god of the arts, Snake Day is often chosen for worshiping before the start of a drama or for athletes before a tournament.

If you want to learn more about shrines, we recommend books such as Shrine Encyclopedia (Amazon).

2. A day to start something new and show off your talents

It can also be said to be the perfect day to start something new.
However, many people may not know where to start right away. For such people, we recommend self-improvement with audiobooks !

Re-skilling is a popular term, but why not use it as an opportunity to study something or start reading a book you've been interested in?

It's also good to buy books the right way!
For busy people or those who can't keep up with reading books, we recommend the audio book I mentioned earlier, or ``listening to a book read aloud,'' as a slightly different way to read a book.

Amazon Audible is an excellent service operated by Amazon that allows you to listen to as many audiobooks as you like, and there is a 30-day free trial period, so you can easily get started!

In addition, since it is the god of art and entertainment, it is a good day to use it as an opportunity to develop your talents.

Changing jobs or getting a job is the perfect day to show off your talents.

It might be a good time to mark the start of your career change.

It might be a good idea to read books about careers before you start looking for a job.

books about career (amazon)

It is also a good idea to coincide with the start date of exhibitions, recitals, lessons, and qualification studies.

Recently, many people have started studying for the qualification they want to obtain or purchasing textbooks on Snake Day.

Book about qualifications (amazon)

3. Replace your wallet

Snake Day is also said to be a day that has the power to increase your financial luck.

It is said that if you buy a new wallet or start using your wallet on a Snake day, your luck with money will improve.

Furthermore, it is said that choosing bright colors or putting a snake shell in your wallet will further improve your financial luck.

Washing money is also said to improve your financial luck.

It might be a good idea to do something related to money on Snake Day.

See moku wallet collection

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What not to do on Snake Day

There is nothing in particular that you should not do on Snake Day.

However, it is said that it is better not to make large expenditures in terms of financial luck.

For example, you may want to avoid it on days when you pay for a car or buy large appliances or furniture.

When is Snake Day in 2023?

Introducing Snake Day in 2023!

January 11 (Wed) Kimi 23 (Monday)
February 4 (Sat) 16 (Thu) 28 (Tue)
March 12 (Sun) Kimimi 24 (Fri)
April 5 (Wed) 17 (Monday) 29 (Sat)
May 11 (Thu) Kimi 23 (Tuesday)
June Four days) 16 (Fri) 28 (Wed)
July 10 (Mon) Kimi 22 (Sat)
August 3 (Thu) 15 (Tue) 27th)
September 8 (Fri) Kimi 20 (Wed)
October February) 14 (Sat) 26 (Thu)
November 7 (Tue) Kimi 19th)
December 1 (Fri) 13 (Wed) 25 (Monday)

The part written in bold is called Tsuchinotominohi, which occurs only about 6 days a year.

It is said to be an even more auspicious day than Snake Day.

In particular, it is also a day when you can expect to improve your financial luck, so it is a recommended day to win the lottery or buy a new wallet.

The fact that it only visits six times a year shows that it's auspicious.

We recommend marking this on your calendar so you don't miss out on this rare opportunity.

Try making Snake Day something good for yourself!

Will washing money on Snake Day bring even more luck with money? !

Do you know the word zenai?

This is one of the things I would like you to do on Snake Day.

Zeniarai refers to washing and purifying 10,000 yen bills.

There are many shrines where you can wash your coins, but you can also do it at home.

Instead of getting the entire 10,000 yen bill wet, just slightly wet the edge of the 10,000 yen bill.

Money washed in this way is called tanesen.

Think of this seed coin as money that you keep in your wallet, not just to spend.

There is a legend that if you put seed money in it, it will call your friends.

It is a good idea to do this as a way to improve your financial luck.

If you do it in conjunction with the Snake's Day, you may be able to improve your financial luck even more!

A new wallet for the Snake Day

We would like to introduce you to a new wallet that you should buy on your lucky day.

Although it is a small and thin wallet, it has a large capacity and is easy to use, making it easy to store coins.

The great thing about it is that it has been carefully designed down to the smallest details, so it doesn't become bulky even when you put a lot of stuff inside!

Recently, more and more people are carrying small wallets and bags, so the demand for them is increasing considerably.

This wallet is especially recommended for people who want to carry a small wallet but have a habit of carrying around a lot of cash.

Even if you have a lot of coins, you can store them without any problem, and since it is a small wallet, you can easily put it in your bag.

If you have always had a long wallet or would like to carry a small wallet with you, why not buy a new one on the next day?

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Like Saku, this is a long wallet that is small and thin, but sells well.
It is characterized by its amazing size, being only 3 mm larger than a 10,000 yen bill, and can be easily stored in your pocket.

Furthermore, it has a special storage structure with an independent card slot, making it an extremely easy-to-use item in today's card-based society.

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I learned that Snake Day is a good day for art-related matters, and a day when you can expect good luck with money.

If you are going to start something new, try doing it on one of these auspicious days.

Also, if you want to improve your financial luck or if you often buy lottery tickets, why not go on a day when you can expect to improve your financial luck, like Snake Day?

I'm sure most people who buy lottery tickets believe in such auspicious days.

It would be nice if the day comes when you can improve your financial luck and your wallet will be enriched.

The effects of these Snake Days are not immediate.

If you cherish Snake Day over a long period of time and do things that will improve your financial luck, you may be able to smile someday!

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