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Article: Talk with the creator of pueblo/buttero


Talk with the creator of pueblo/buttero

Surprisingly, I had the opportunity to meet the tanners who make pueblo and buttero, which are the standard leathers used by moku!

The two people we met were Simone, the second generation owner of the pueblo tanner Badalassi Carlo , and Michele, the third generation owner of the buttero tanner Conceria Walpier. .

Since both are Italian tanners, we had a conversation with them in Italian, so we asked for an interpreter.

Simone joined Badalassi Carlo about 35 years ago, and apparently majored in art at university.She has taken on innovative challenges to transform the tannery business, which she inherited from the first generation, who is also Simone's parents.

I was able to directly ask the makers about the recommended care methods for pueblo and buttero, and they said that the method described on the moku blog was fine.
As for pueblo, we received a reassuring comment from Simone: ``If you just take care of dirt and moisture, you don't need to do anything else! You only need to do maintenance about once every 10 years.''

In addition, we were able to hear some very interesting stories, such as the background that led to the creation of pueblo and the origin of the name.

Simone looking at the small and thin long wallet Uno

During the conversation, the two of us were shown the works that we at moku are creating for the first time. After taking a closer look at it, he said, ` `I have the impression that Japanese wallets are big and have a large capacity, but this has a minimalist design that I've never seen before.But it feels very Japanese in some way.'' I received some nice comments.

Michele looking at the Rich Koron key case

We also had the opportunity to hear about new leather products from each tanner. It seems that Badalassi Carlo will release a new pueblo color, and I'm really looking forward to it since it's the green color that I just requested.

Walpier is said to be releasing a new type of Maremma (characterized by the fact that it has more oil than Buttero) that has been processed in a new way, which is also very interesting.

It was a truly precious and happy time.
Also, I look forward to meeting you someday, and I would like to continue creating good works with the highest quality leather made by both of you.

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