Comparison summary of thin wallet series

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moku currently has three thin wallet lineups, but the concepts are somewhat similar and it's hard to tell the difference, so we'll summarize them briefly so you can compare sizes and features and choose the thin wallet that's perfect for you. I did.

Please see each product page for details.
Here, I will write from the staff's perspective about which wallets are suitable for different types of people.

[How to choose 1: Long wallet or bifold wallet]

First of all, for those who prefer a long wallet, the `` Small and Thin Long Wallet Uno '' is one option. Please consider it!

For those who prefer a bifold wallet, there are two options: the small and thin wallet Saku or the thin wallet Ichi.

[How to choose 2: Capacity, thinness, and ease of handling coins]

One of the points to consider when choosing a bifold wallet, ``Small and thin wallet Saku'' or ``Thin wallet Ichi''

① Is the capacity important? ② Is the thinness important? ③ Is the ease of handling coins important?

It will be.

Both the ``Small and Thin Wallet Saku'' and the ``Thin Wallet Ichi'' are designed with a good balance of the above three points, so taking something doesn't mean giving up something else.
While you are looking for a higher level than a typical wallet in all aspects, we would like you to choose from the perspective of what elements you want to pursue further.

① Emphasis on capacity <br> Emphasis on capacity! For those who say, Saku has a larger maximum capacity, although it depends on the severity. Especially when the number of cards is 8 for Saku and 5 for Ichi, there is a big difference.

Saku capacity video

Ichi ver.2 capacity video

I think choosing a wallet based on the number of cards it can hold is a wise choice.

② Emphasis on thinness
Next, the capacity can be adjusted to some extent, and either is sufficient. Thinness is important! If so, we recommend Ichi, which has the advantage of being thinner. The thickness is 15mm for Saku and 7mm for Ichi, so Ichi is less than half the thickness of Saku. If you want a beautiful silhouette when you put it in your pocket or you want to put it in a small bag, please choose the thin wallet Ichi ver.2, which is characterized by its thinness.

Ichi thickness 7mm

Ichi thinness

③ Emphasis on ease of handling coins
The final point is practicality. In addition to coins, the ease of handling cards and bills is also important, but the staff think that the biggest difference between Saku and Ichi is the ease of handling coins.

Due to the structure of the Saku coin purse, it pops open when you pinch both ends of the coin purse, making it very easy to see coins and take them in and out. For those who frequently use coins, we recommend the small and thin wallet Saku .

Saku coin insertion and withdrawal video

[How to choose 3: Ease of handling the card]

Up until selection method 2, the selection methods were for those who had already selected a long wallet or bifold wallet from the beginning. In How to Choose 3, if you are undecided between a long wallet or a bi-fold wallet, we will show you how to decide based on the ease of handling your cards.

As the cashless society continues to advance, there are many cases in which cards are used more than coins or bills when using wallets.

For such people, we believe that being able to smoothly insert and remove cards is directly linked to the convenience of the wallet.

The easiest way to handle cards is the `` Small and Thin Long Wallet Uno .''
This is because the cards in Uno's card holder are lined up independently, so you can quickly see where the card you need is, and you can take it out with a single action.

Uno card holder

[How to choose Extra edition: Choose by design]

No matter which wallet you take, it has enough functionality and capacity!
If so, please choose based on your likes and dislikes!

We are very particular about the design of all our wallets, so we can't say which one we recommend, but Ichi is one that often receives high marks for its appearance. I think Ichi also has a unique design that intentionally shows off the zipper on the front.

A wallet is something you always carry with you. Please find a partner that you want to be with forever!

This is a comparison summary of moku's thin wallet series.

Once again, I will list the wallets introduced in this article.

Thin wallet Ichi ver.2

Small and thin wallet Saku ver.3

Small and thin long wallet Uno

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