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Product features

Small and thin yet can hold up to 25 coins

Width 123 x Height 36 x Thickness 15 (mm), Despite its compact weight of 20g, it can hold up to 25 coins.

Although it is small, it is easy to take out coins.

Isn't that the basic principle of accessories: the smaller they are, the more difficult they are to use? But Charin is different. The slot opens wide, so your fingers can easily fit in and take it out.

Comes with an eggplant (metal fittings) for unlimited usage.

Since there is a built-in eggplant (metal fitting), it can be attached to wallets, key cases, key chains, bags, AirPods, belt loops, etc.

The photo shows an example of how it is installed in the smart key case Koron (top photo) and the Rich Koron key case (bottom photo).

A form I saw somewhere...

If you are using the small and thin wallet Saku, you may have noticed that it has almost the same design and functionality as the coin purse part of Saku.

Charin is a small and thin wallet that has an independent coin purse that is easy to use and is the biggest feature of Saku .

Delivered in a special case

Delivered in original presentation box. It can also be wrapped, so it is also recommended as a gift.

Product specifications

Size: Width 123 x Height 36 x Thickness 15 (mm)
Weight: 20g (including metal fittings)
material: Italian cowhide Pueblo
Country of origin: Japan Storage: 25 coins *Size and weight may vary slightly between coins. This is data when not stored.
* The eggplant (metal fittings) cannot be removed.

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