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AirPods Pro (1st/2nd generation) case PodPants Pro 2nd Noblessa

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As this is made-to-order production, it will take 3-5 business days (excluding Saturdays and Sundays) from the time of order to shipping. (It will arrive in 5-7 business days.)

Product Features

Visible battery light design

The battery lamp is recessed so that the lamp can be seen clearly.

If you can't see the battery light while the device is in the case, you'll have to take it out of the case every time you want to check the battery level.

Some designs don't take this into consideration, so be sure to check.

The back has a notch so it opens all the way.

It is no exaggeration to say that this is the biggest downside to AirPods cases. If the structure is not designed in a way that makes it difficult to open the lid of the case, you will experience the inconvenience of having to insert and remove the earphones.

moku's AirPods Pro case, "PodPants Pro," has a slit that allows it to open wide, making it easy to insert and remove the earphones.

Fully compatible with charging cables and speakers

Starting with the second generation, a speaker has been installed on the bottom of the device. To make it easier to hear the sound, a hole has been drilled in the correct position for the speaker.

In addition, there is a gap where the charger is inserted, so you can charge it smoothly without removing it from the case.

Also compatible with strap holes

Starting with the second generation, a hole for a strap was added to the side of the device . The hole is in the position for the strap so that you can use the strap even with the case on.  

Comes with an optional key holder

By using it in combination with a key chain sold separately (1,100 yen), you can hang it on your pants, bag, etc.

Delivered in a special case

It will be delivered in an original presentation box. Gift wrapping is also available, making it a great gift.

2nd Generation Compatibility

This product has a speaker position at the bottom of the main unit and a strap hole on the side to match the second generation, but the size is the same, so It can also accommodate the first generation.

How to order optional key straps

Just below the "Color Selection" section at the top of this product page, there is a button to select whether or not to have a key strap, so please select from there. We will provide you with the same color as the main body.

Please be aware of the following points:

This product is compatible with Apple's AirPods Pro, but is not compatible with the previous AirPods or other earphones.

Product Specifications

size: Width 61 x Height 50 x Thickness 31 (mm)
Weight: 17g (including metal fittings)
Material: German cowhide leather Noblessacalf
Country of Origin: Japan Storage: 1 AirPods Pro ( 1st generation/ 2nd generation)
*Size and weight may vary slightly. Data is for items not in storage.

AirPods Pro (1st/2nd generation) case PodPants Pro 2nd Noblessa
AirPods Pro (1st/2nd generation) case PodPants Pro 2nd Noblessa Sale price¥7,700

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