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This is the set discount price when purchased at the same time as a key case or other item. Prices vary if purchased individually.

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Flat hook combines design and functionality

Since the hooks are flat, the surface will not be uneven. Not only does it have a great design, but you don't have to worry about it getting caught in your bag or pocket.

You can choose from three types of leather material.

1. Pueblo

It is made using the vachetta method by Badalassi Carlo, a tanner in Tuscany, Italy, using the raw hides of cows over 2 years old. This is a very unique leather whose surface has been intentionally rough and fluffed as a finishing process.

At first, it feels like Japanese paper, and because of its matte texture, it has almost no shine, but the more you use it, the more the fibers on the surface soften and the luster increases at an accelerated rate, and the color deepens in a short period of time.

The gloss increases very quickly, so the changes are very dramatic, and the moist texture that sticks to it when used is also a big attraction. This leather is recommended for those who like the aging of leather.

2. Buttero

It is made from the shoulder part of an adult steer cow by tannery Conceria Walpier in Tuscany, Italy. Since it has a hard shoulder part, it is characterized by its firmness and elasticity. Although there are individual differences, there may be some striped patterns that tend to appear on the shoulders. It is dyed using Italian dyeing techniques, so it has a beautiful, transparent color, but it also has a firm and heavy feel. Although it is not as dramatic as Pueblo, it is a leather that can be enjoyed over time.

3. Rugato

Tannery Mazur, founded in 1873, is the only tannery in Belgium. The ``lugato'' made by Mazur is made from the shoulder part of a cow. Made using high-quality Swiss hides raised around the Alps and traditional tanning, it is characterized by a natural color unevenness with transparency and depth, and the deep wrinkles unique to the shoulders appear as a beautiful pattern. . Compared to Pueblo, it is characterized by a glossy and smooth texture. It goes well with cordovan (horseskin), which is known as the finest leather due to its moderate luster and luxurious feel, and some brands even see hybrid products made by combining cordovan and lugato.

Changes over time (aging)

Pueblo Petrorio
This is an aging example that has been used for about 12 months.

pueblo camel

This is an aging example that has been used for about 6 months.

The degree and appearance of changes over time will vary depending on usage and frequency, so please use this as a reference only.

Can be used in various ways

Set with key case

By using it as a set with a key case/Airpods case (sold separately (3,900 to 12,900 yen)) , you will be able to hang the key case on your belt, bag, etc.

*Key case is not included with this product. Can be ordered separately. This product is a key strap only. 

Set with Airpods case

*Airpods case is not included with this product. Can be ordered separately. This product is a key strap only.

Product Details

Product name: Key strap Puran
Size: Width 90 x Height 20 x Thickness 10 (mm)
Weight: approx. 17g
Material: Pueblo, Buttero, Rugato
Country of Origin: Japan

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キーケース Koronとストラップ(色、タバコ)のセットを購入させて頂いて、受け取った翌日から使わせて頂いております。



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