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[Exclusive to past customers] Leather pull handle Buttero

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This is only for customers who have previously ordered the thin wallet series covered by moku. Please note that this is a special offer until June 10th , and after that, you will not be able to order the item separately.

[Important: Please be sure to check]

1. Account registration is required
If we are unable to confirm your previous wallet order, we will cancel your order. If you have an account, please be sure to log in. If you have not yet registered an account, please be sure to register an account with the email address you used to purchase your previous wallet before placing your order.

If you order from somewhere other than the official website, please register an account, place your order, and write "Purchased ~ at ~ (e.g. purchased the small, thin wallet Saku ver.3 on Makuake)" in the order notes.

2. Limit one item per wallet.
You may order up to one of this product for each eligible order of the thin wallet series. For example, if you have previously ordered two eligible wallets, you may order two of this product.

3. Orders will be accepted until June 10th, and will be shipped around June 21st.
In order to streamline shipping operations, if you order a single item, we will ship all items at once around June 21st. If you order it together with another item, we will ship it according to the delivery date of the other item. (If the other item you are ordering at the same time is a pre-order item, it will be shipped according to the delivery date of the pre-order item.)

4. Applicable thin wallet series : Thin wallet Ichi ver.2
・Small and thin wallet Saku series (first generation to version 3)
・Small and thin long wallet Uno
*The ICHI (first generation) compact wallet made from a single piece of leather is not eligible because this pull handle cannot be attached.

5. Review Bonus <br>This product will be offered only to those who have written a review or will write one in the future. The product will be given free of charge (you will only need to pay for the shipping), so we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

If you don't know how to write a review, please refer to this article.

[Other information]

At the same time, shipping is free for orders over 5,000 yen. If you have other orders, shipping will also be free if you combine this product with them, making it completely free.
Please take this opportunity to consider it.

Some colors, such as limited edition colors, are not available. Please use the colors available on this page.

Please install this product yourself. Please refer to the installation method here .

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